Mega European 1st August!


Anyone doing the mega european tour leaving 1st August? Im staying at the Clink night before so hopefully meet fellow travellers then!
Jen :slight_smile:



My sister and I will both be doing this tour. It’s getting close now … can’t wait! ;D

We will be staying at the clink 3 nights before the tour starts.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Jas :slight_smile:


Hi Jas,

Cool. I am excited too… not long left at work :slight_smile:

See you both soon!

Jen x


I’m about to finish my mega euro from may. You will love it.

Bring a warm sleeping bag. For serious. And toilet paper.


Thanks for the heads up. Im yet to buy a sleeping bag!


Side note I started a question thread in the “general tour info” section of the forums, but if any of you have questions feel free to pm me and I’ll help how I can.


Hey -this is Emma from the other thread.

I leave for South Korea for the first part of my trip tomorrow!

Will be turning up at the Clink on the evening of July 30 to join everyone -looking forward to meeting you both.

Hopefully I am not too jet lagged when I turn up -still got some packing to do. May not have much internet access in Korea -not sure yet. So may just see you at the Clink ;D


Hey Emma,

Have a brilliant time in Korea! You going it alone?

Look forward to meeting you at the Clink, I get there on the 31st.

Find me on FBook (Jenny Farquhar - Bournemouth) if you want.



You girls/matthew using backpack or suitcase?!

Im hopeless at packing ‘light’!!


we are taking backpacks.

we are having the worst time trying to figure out what to take :frowning: and yes packing ‘light’ is also proving to be difficult!

im so excited, not long now!!! ;D ;D



me and my boyfriend are doing this trip. We’ve never travelled before but are really excited - shopping time tomorrow after which i’ll be wrestling with packing. We haven’t booked the hostel for the night before since we live in London so are just going to rock up obscenely early on the day!


Hi all!! I’ll be on this tour also (the London to Athens leg)…getting very excited!!! I’m staying at the clink the night before also. I’m not looking forward to packing my bag…I always over pack!!! Luckily my backpack doesn’t hold as much as a suitcase so that might help me a bit :slight_smile: My advice is to bring travel toiletries…it’s amazing how much weight can be saved…and to limit the shoes you bring!!!


Less than 2 weeks to go! :slight_smile:

Im all stocked up on travel toiletries and also discovered ‘paper’ soap, shower wash & shampoo in River Island (clothes shop, plenty in London)… genius. Little paper sheets that come in individual cases about the size of a tic tac box, u just add water & hey presto!




Me and my boyfriend will also be on the London to Athens leg. Glad to hear there is going to be another couple on the trip! Only a little over a week to go… Can’t wait!!!

Ky :slight_smile:


My best recomendation is to not pack to much.

You WILL be able to buy toiletries and food and things from proper markets throughout the trip, even in eastern Europe.

Outside of clothes the only things I found essential was a roll of toilet paper (bathrooms can be suspect) and sunscreen because it’s stupid expensive in Europe.

And just make sure you have some kind of rain gear.


also take hand sanitizer!!! it is a must in my opinion and a life saver in the gross toilets with no running water in the sinks


Thanks Hannah! I am armed with sanitizer & loo roll :slight_smile:

My bag is massive and weighs a ton… well under 20kg but still heavy!