Mega european 19th July - 5th Sepember 2016


Hi guys :slight_smile:

I’m travel solo and looking at booking this trip by the end of the year. I’m wondering who else is doing it or thinking of doing it :slight_smile: . I’ll be travelling solo and looking forward to meeting new people and a good break!.




i have booked this tour! i am also a solo traveller! let me know if you plan to do it would love to know who is also going on it!


Just booked flights and tour :slight_smile: . Can’t wait :airplane: :+1:


Hey :slight_smile:

I have just recently booked to go on the same tour! Also travelling solo, cannot wait :slight_smile:


Wicked, it’s going to be a blast of a time :smiley:

Is anyone staying extra time before or after the tour?


I’m going! I’m on the Road to Athens, so I start in London on the 19th but go home from Athens. Solo traveler, stay 1 night in London before we start!


I have also booked the Road to Athens starting in London on the 19th July! I am travelling with my best friend - looking forward to meeting you guys!


Ok cool, starting to get excited now :slight_smile: . Only a matter of weeks now :ok_hand:, i’m heading over there a week early to do a few tourist things in London :thumbsup:. Is everyone staying at Wombats City Hostel the night before the tour starts?.


i am currently staying at the wombats city hostel now