Mega European - 19 July - 5 September 2016


Hi all, I am looking at going on the Mega European Tour from 19 July to 5 September and will be travelling solo. Are there any other solo travellers going on this same trip.


Hi… yes i am actually planning on booking the Mega European Tour for the same dates next year and am a solo traveler… :slight_smile:


Awesome, that would be great if we are on the same trip, it would be nice to kind of know someone (even if only by messaging) before going.


yeah it would be! it’ll be the first time ill be travelling alone as well


Hi @cassiejn81 and @natasha13b !!! I just booked this departure date for Mega European with the Egypt option!! I think that we will be together for most of the trip. I too am traveling solo. :smile:
Did you guys decide to book??


awesome! yes i have booked the mega european from 19 July so ill see you!


Excellent! Where are you coming from?


I’ll be on the trip from London - Athens :slight_smile: Solo from Sydney xx


@Monica_O sorry for late response, I’m coming from Melbourne how about you?


I am coming from the States! :smiley:
@natasha13b @caitlinceleste @cassiejn81 Have you guys started your packing yet??


Not yet! I’ve got a NZ trip to pack for first! Had my checklist all planned for months for Europe though :blush:


not yet, I’ve started buying stuff already though


Hey guys
I have booked this trip too! I’m traveling solo from Canberra, Australia.
Look forward to meeting you soon :smile:



Hi Aleshia
cool, where are you staying before the tour?
how old are you?