Mega European : 19 April - 06 June 2016


Hi guys!

I’m all booked for the Mega European tour starting on 19 April 2016 - really excited as it’s my first international trip, first solo trip and the tour starts on my birthday! :smiley:

I’m looking forward to connecting with you wanderlusters who are going to spend the 49 days of awesomeness with me. Additionally it would be good to discuss the preparation and travel plans.

Cheers! :smile:


Since I haven’t got any responses yet, I figured I’d share my packing list and ideas - they might be useful to someone.

First off, my aim is to travel as light as possible while still being as ready as possible. Therefore, I am travelling with carry-on luggage only. In saying that, I am still trying to figure out how the sleeping bag will fit in to the picture. Anyway, to achieve this lightness I have chosen the Tortuga backpack. It’s a 44L urban travel backpack that’s spacious, light enough and functional.

Next up, the items to carry. I’ve read several travel blogs and seen videos on YouTube. The key takeaway from light packers is layering. That is what I’ve done - including for myself a base layer, a mid layer of about 7 (combined total) Merino wool tees and long sleeve shirts, a single Merino wool jacket and a water-/wind-proof top layer. Then I have a week’s worth of underwear and socks, 3 water resistant pair of shorts (double up as swimming trunks), a couple of pair of water resitant pants and a water-/wind-proof bottom layer. A beanie and a pair of gloves just in case. For footwear, I’m sticking with GoreTex based trail walking shoes and jandals/flip-flops. Clothing - complete!

As accessories and miscellaneous items, I’m packing my sunglasses, Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap (x2), basic set of toiletries including quick drying towels (small + large), flashlight, collapsible water bottle and basic travel meds

In electronics, I’m carrying my phone, Nexus 9 tablet with an OTG USB hub (to transfer my photos) and a small battery pack. Now here’s the tricky one - camera. Most people would get away with their phones as cameras. Some might carry a go-pro as well. Yet others might carry a compact, point and shoot camera. I’m a photography enthusiast so I’m carrying my DSLR with two light lenses (wide angle + street/portrait) - yes I hear you say that it’s not light in comparison to the other options but I have the space and weight to get away with this :wink:

And that’s it! All the items I need in a single carry-on pack. I’ll also stuff my Tortuga daypack into the backpack so I can roam the streets with little to worry about. Now as I mentioned above, the sleeping bag is still something I need to suss out but I’m sure I’ll find a way.

I may be sounding like a very experienced traveller but as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, it’s my first time travelling (especially like this) but I think my packing plans are going to work out well. Only one way to find out huh?!

Feel free to post comments, thoughts and suggestions.

Cheers! :smile:


Carry-on luggage for 2 months…definitely ambitious! Haha

I take it you’ve packed all of this in the bag and weighed it? I would recommend double checking the airlines carry-on limitations. I’ve generally come across 7kg max. If I remember correctly NZ has the same liquid rules for carry-on as Aus. So nothing over 100ml and everything has to be keeping in a clear bag

Also travelling there with carry-on might be doable but if you plan on shopping especially with the great deals in Turkey probably look into checked baggage for the trip back home.

I’ve booked the mega european tour myself for late 2016 so I’m in preparation mode too :slight_smile:


Ha! @mtavernor15 I figured it would be a bit ambitious but much easier to manage.

I’ll start by saying yes 7kg is the max allowance for carry-on for NZ (Emirates) as well. Also you are right about the LAGs too.

As for weighing everything - not quite, I haven’t got everything I need yet but I have a spreadsheet where I am maintaining a checklist and weight sums. I am currently running at 6kg at the moment so I expect to be around 6.5kg by the time I’m done without the sleeping bag - hence working that one out :smile:

Re the trip back home, you read my mind! - because that is exactly what I’m planning on doing - it’s the reaching and travelling with personal gear that I’m more focused on lightening up.

Good to hear from you. How’s your preparation going? And when are you doing this trip? - I’m really looking forward to it! /excited


Wow a spreadsheet very organised!

As for the sleeping bag if it’s nothing special why not wait to purchase one in London? Depending on what time you arrive and whether there’s time to shop before you check-in to the hostel. I’m not sure what kind of bedding is available at hostels but I think Topdeck only mentioned the need for a sleeping bag for the 3 day sailing.

My preparation is mostly done - I might need to look into doing my own spreadsheet though :wink: I’ve been preparing for a year and I still have a year to go!! I’ve booked the mega european departing September 6 - October 24. There is still a chance I might be changing this tour into 2 separate tours depending on my friends.

This tour looks amazing though. I’ve read this blog countless times, it’s a good read:

What are your plans pre/post tour?


I am indeed! Preparedness is how I look at it.

That is a good point - I didn’t quite consider that. Actually I sort of did but I couldn’t work out which would be the cheaper option. You’re right about the need for the sleeping bag - it’s only for the 3 days of Greek sailing.

Haha, is my organisation rubbing off on you now is it? :smiley: I kicked all of this into action about 2 months ago now. Other than my backpack and daypack, everything has been sorted in the past 3 months (yes a couple of minor items happened a month before my booking).

September I’ve heard is a good but busy time to go? April on the other hand is relatively quiet. Though my real reason was so that I could return before my dad’s birthday - which will happen right when I return to NZ. So by the sounds of it you’re not travelling alone then? And what other tours are your considering?

I couldn’t agree more re Mega European - figured if I’m going, might as well get the “whole” experience. Thanks for the link to that blog, I’d been reading this one:

Pre-trip plan: Land on 18th April afternoon, get to the hostel. maybe explore London a little bit and then sleep early.
Post-trip plan: Staying on till 8th June late evening (when I have my flight back). These couple of days it’ll be unwinding, sorting myself out, more London exploration.

How about you? Also, are you on FB at all? We could perhaps connect:


Preparedness, I like it

Well I can’t help you with the sleeping bag situation. It will have to be something you decide. I read in other topics people opt to taking a light sheet over a sleeping bag as they travelled towards/over summer. Another thing to consider.

I have a thing for planning…slight OCD maybe. I find myself creating itineraries and lists in many formats trying to find the perfect one for me.

Initially I was hoping to travel May-June but I won’t have enough annual leave by then. So September it is. Pretty good timing with tour ending and your father’s birthday.

I will be travelling solo if my friends don’t decide to do anything. The mega european has always been my first choice just as you said - if you going to do it, do it all! The lonexplorer blog is great

You will definitely need those extra days post-trip to unwind and relax

I will add you on facebook shortly. I’m relying on you to tell me everything when you come back seeing as you’re going first :slight_smile:


Re the sleeping bag - yes that is a decision that will take some time on my part, though buying one (or the sheet thing) during the trip itself is a pretty clever thought! Re the weather, good call again. I’ll check which month I’ll be doing the Greek isles - if it is hot then I might just settle for a sheet instead.

Wow, you’re hardcore with planning alright! How do you usually organize your lists and itineraries? - I find Excel sheets are sufficient and beyond that point I just take it as it comes. It’s the research that takes me the most time.

Re the leave, that’s unfortunate. But either way you are doing the trip which is awesome.

So if your friends decide to travel with you, they could possibly join you on the Mega European tour as well - more the merrier.

Yeah that blog is quite detailed, I haven’t started on the one that you were following but I will do so tonight.

Cheers for the add. You can most certainly rely on me - I’ll start a little thread here and share my experiences. Additionally, I’ll have photos up from my travels on FB as well :smile:

p.s. I’m still waiting to find out if anyone else is doing this trip when I am - don’t want to be solo (literally) doing this trip haha


Accommodation is all sorted!! I’m going to be staying at Wombat’s Hostel in London on 18 April (1 night before the tour) and on 06, 07 June (2 nights after the tour).

If anyone is doing this tour or / and staying at the same place on those dates then let me know - would like to connect :smile:


Hello again! So is anyone else doing this trip? Looking forward to connecting with people :smile:


Hello and happy new year folks! :smiley:

bumpety bump bump to the post! Anyone else doing this trip? :smile:


Hi all, just FYI - this tour has been cancelled due to lack of booking and so I’ll be doing a different Mega European - likely the 03 May one :smile:


Im going solo on the Mega European tour on April 12th 2016. Anyone else going on this date. Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Angela,

I’ll be doing that tour from April 12th as well up until Rome :slight_smile:


Im beyond excited now, i cant wait.
What country are you coming from?


Haha yeah I’m pretty excited too! I’m currently living in the UK for the short term so I’ll be coming in from Scotland. I am from Sydney though :slight_smile:


Hey @Aman not long now…


Hey Angela, yep not too long to go! Get excited haha :slight_smile:


Hey Guys! I am doing the Imperial Trail Egypt leaving April 26h (part of the Mega European tour leaving April 12th). Its getting close!


Im so exited now…getting close. Im counting down everyday.
Where abouts do odour tours meet up then?
R u going solo or with someone?

Do u both have fb?