Mega European 18 July 2010!


Hey Guys

I’m going on this tour and can’t wait :), just 18 weeks to go !!!

I know there’s already another topic for this tour but with the date mentioned this might be easier to find, introduce yourself and chat.

If people are interested in catching up before the tour maybe leave your email and arrival date.

8 Nights before Departure - London



Hey Danielle here,

Emily and I are arriving in London on the 14th of July and are staying at the Clink hostel for the four nights prior to the tour! So we would love to catch up with whoever is around!

CANNOT wait :slight_smile:

My email is or you can add me to facebook with


Can’t believe it’s just 18 weeks…!!!

Already in England and heading to london to live in a couple of weeks until the tour so keen to catch up anytime before the trip!


the count down begins!


Our trip looks to be almost full since the date is now by request only!!! Hope to meet some new people as we get closer and closer to the date!


That’s so cool, must be a popular time to go! Can’t believe the Australian dollar has hit all it’s all time high against the Euro!! Perfect timing…I know what I’LL be buying tomorrow! :slight_smile:


have any of you guys gotten a more comprehensive optionals list? i know this question’s been asked 500 times but I’m just super excited. I really am looking forward to the blue grottos. also does anyone know if we stop in salzburg austria for the sound of music tour? im a huge sap for that movie.


Hey Jackie,

The only extra stuff I’ve got is on the website…if you go to the Mega European page under trips, if you scroll down on the right theres an adobe attachment which goes into more detail on each day! I’ve been saying I want to do the Sound of Music tour haha But on the intinerary it doesn’t say anything about it! And I’m really looking forward to Greece and the French Riviera.


Hey guys i am doing the Mega European July 4th! So excited! I am abit worried about how much money i should take over in cash as opposed to just using my debit/mastercard??? Any ideas??


Honestly, as long as you have a working debit/credit card, you really don’t need to fly into England with any. Once in the airport you can easily find an ATM machine and withdrawal all the pounds you need before your trip leaves. ATMs are the best way to get larger sums of cash out. If you’re REALLY concerned about not having any cash in the right currency, I would buy the minimalist amount possible. My AAA travel store lets you buy packs of 50 pounds. That will EASILY get you through your first day in London.


if you are getting cash out at atms just make sure you are aware of any fees your bank may charge- i know i get charged 4% for using my card to get out cash o’seas. may still work out better (and safer) but just check first.


just thought id bump this up to see if there’s any others out there going on all or part of the trip =)


Hi Everyone

This time in 11 weeks we will all be in the Swiss Alps!!! Woo!!!

My name is Anita, I’m from Sydney. I’ll be travelling solo on this trip for the London to Istanbul leg.

I will be in London from july 2-9 and then I’ll be back on the 17th ready for our tour. Would love to catch up with anyone who is around then. I think we should all do something the night before for sure!!

I think I already have most of you on facebook but if you would like to add me my email is:

See you all soon

Anita :slight_smile:



I’m Jen and from Melbourne, Aus but moved over to London in January to work and travel. Summer holidays are coming up so YAY what better trip to do. Im free to catch up in London anytime from…tomorrow night actually haha so whenever you get here, feel free to let me know and we can catch up and if you want I can help you find your way around London or whatever you want.
Finally the sun is starting to show and summer is in the air. Can’t wait! =)

Miles of smiles from Jen =)


Hi Jen! Are you also going on this tour? I won’t be in London until July 16th but there’s a couple people leaving for the UK in a few more weeks that are. I used to live in London, whereabouts are you staying?


Hey people,

I’m on the Istanbul to London leg of this tour. Would be awesome to meet other people tagging along. Is there a Facebook page setup for this tour- does anyone know?

I am 23 and will be travelling from Melbourne, Australia. Spending a few nights in KL before flying to London and then off to Istanbul.

Feel free to email me or add me on Facebook-

Chat soon.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Has anyone received their pre tour documents yet?? I think we are supposed to bet them about 6 weeks in advance.

Who’s getting excited?? 5 weeks to go!!!


Hey guys…Ahhhh Emily and I leave in 30 days!!! So we’ll be in London on the 14th of July!

I can’t believe how fast the countdown has gone, I haven’t got my pre tour documents yet, going to the travel agent next week to sort that out!

Extremely excited :slight_smile:


I fly in the night of the 16th! I’ll be out that night by Aldgate at my old pub so if any of you want to join let me know- I may still be able to get some drinks on the house =)


It is getting soooo close. I’m super excited.
I’m not back from my UK/Ireland tour until July 17 so I’ll be up for a few pre tour dinks that night!
4 1/2 weeks to go! Yay!!!