Mega european 17th may 2016


Hey everyone! Just thought I would make a quick post to see if you all have any tips/tricks for the MEGA EUROPEAN tour? Also, is anyone doing the MEGA EUROPEAN tour starting on the 17th of may 2016? I would love to hear from you!


I’m not doing the Mega European but I’m doing East Meets West tour which I think joins up with your trip in Budapest on 22nd June! You finish 4th July in London right?


I’m doing the mega european tour that is starting on the 17th of May. It would be awesome if we could talk!


Hi! Yup that’s the one! So exciting!


Ya definitely! Feel free to add me on Facebook “tessa Taylor” or Instagram @tessakateee


yay! at least I know someone’s name now aha


Hey guys I am booked on this tour as well :D. Getting keen!


Exciting stuff!! Not long to go now :tada:


I’m on the summer of Europe tour starting on the 17th May

Soo keen!


Just booked this tour! Super excited to meet everyone!


I’m travelling solo is anyone else?


I’ll be traveling solo as well!


Awesome! Are you getting nervous? I haven’t gone solo before so I am freaking haha


Hey I’m traveling solo too! I’m getting nervous about traveling from the airport to the hostel haha


I’m going with a friend! Are you all staying at Wombats Hostel?


I know how you feel Kayla!

Im staying at wombats Tessa!


Sweet! My friend and I are staying at wombats the night before the tour :slight_smile:


Hey all :blush: I’m also doing this mega European. So glad there is a few others travelling solo like me! And I’m also staying at wombats for 2 nights before we head off. I can’t believe it’s so close to starting already


Im staying at wombats the night before the tour too!


I am going on this tour too!! Anyone going on this trip from Chicago? a little freaked out with my first major solo trip.