Mega European 17th May 2011



I am going on the Mega European Tour departing on the 17th May 2011 and am keen to make contact with anyone else who is booked on this tour, I am from Perth Western Australia and will be flying Qantas to London with 3 nights before and after the tour at the Clink Hostel. This is my first TopDeck tour, however I have done Contiki New Zealand and Contiki USA before, and also my first trip to Europe.

Looking forward to meeting everyone on tour




Hey Chris

I’m all booked in for this tour as well!!
It is my first trip to Europe too!
I’m from Melbourne and will be flying out the 15th of May and ill also be staying in that hostel!
Be great to sorta know someone when I arrive :slight_smile:



Hi Karina

Thanks for your message. If you are flying out on the 15th May, I assume you will be arriving in London on the 16th May. I am now staying at the Jesmond Dene Hotel which is 250m from the Clink Hostel (2 mins walk). I arrive in London on the morning of the 14th May, (What airline are you flying on?)would love to do some London Siteseeing before and after the tour, some places I am looking at the London Eye, London Bridge, Big Ben, Stonehenge and Buckingham Palace. I am sure we will also meet others who are keen to catch up post tour and maybe we can get a group together to meet and greet when we are in London. Keep in touch and look forward to meeting you before and on the tour!




I’m flying with Emirates and i seem to leave and arrive on the same day! So ill get into London about 6 or 8pm on the 15th.
I’m joining a few topdeck tours together so I wont be able to hang around afterwards but might be able to see something the day before the tour.
I’m so excited, I’m already counting down!



Is there anyone else doing this tour or one of the smaller tours that makes up the Mega European. (Tour commencing 17th May)…



Hi guys

I’ll be on this tour as well, departing Adelaide, I’ll be staying at the Clink before and after the tour.
Looking forward to meeting anyone else booked on this tour


Tara :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Victoria from Christchurch NZ. I am doing the MegaEuro May 17 too. Not long to go now ay! I’m getting to London May 6 but staying with friends outside London til the night before the tour at this stage.


Hi Victoria

Great to hear that you are on the Mega Euro tour as well, if you want to keep in touch prior to the tour please let us know or send us a PM.




chris from williams wa
Looking forward to mega european may 17th. staying at clink b4 and after. curious to know what optional tours you interested in.
Cant wait!!!
see you soon


Hi Chris

Great to find someone else from WA, how many days are you staying at the Clink before and after the tour, I am flying out of Perth on the 13th May, send us a PM if you would like to keep in contact before the tour.


Perth WA


hey chris

fly out from perth on the 15th. staying at the clink 15th, 16th. after tour staying 2 nights before heading off on my own for 10 days round uk then london for 2 weeks before coming home 26 july.


Hi guys,

My name is Rob. Im on the Mega Europe on the 17th May. I fly out on the 15th, arrive in London on the 16th 5.25am. Not long now only two weeks.

Rob :slight_smile:


Hi all

I have arrived in london this morning. If anyone wants to catch up post tour let us know for sightseeing and catching up for drinks


Hi to all those on the Mega Euro trip leaving May 17! I am coming to London tomorrow at some stage (unless I get lost on my way back from Northampton! lol) and staying at the Clink tomorrow night. If anyone wants to have a drinky in the evening zizz me a txt on 07780043255. Hope you are recovering well from the flight! It’s a long one ay!