Mega European 17th April (and Britain and Ireland)


Hi all,

My name’s Merredy, and I’m an 18 year old girl from Canberra, Australia. I’m booked in for the Mega European on the 17th of April and the Britain and Ireland on the 6th of June. Just wondering if anyone else was doind one or both of those tours? I’ll be staying in London for two days before both tours and am super excited, but a bit nervous about travelling my myself for so long…

Anyone out there in a similar position? Or who has some advice for me?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi Merredy,

I am booked on the Mega European leaving on the 17th April with my brother. We are arriving 5 days before the tour starts but are only staying at the Clink the night before the tour leaves. So excited :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’ll be at Clink for the two nights before the tour. Can’t wait!


Hey there! I’ll be joining you in Athens on May 6th! I’m really excited too! Which city are you most excited about?


Getting closer now, so excited. Have about 8 nights in London before the tour starts but am only staying at the Clink the night before.

Really looking forward to the Greece part of the trip, especially Athens. Also pretty ecited about seeing Prague and Rome. What about you? ;D


I think Croatia is gonna be a highlight of the trip! Plitvice Lakes look like heaven on earth!! Meteora also seems very interesting! And what about Istanbul!!

I think everyday is gonna be awesome! Haha!

Are you bringing a bagpack or a suitcase? I think I’m going with the bagpack but I’m not sure cuz I’m scared I might not have enough place for my stuff!


Everyday will be awesome ;D

I am bringing a suitcase for the trip. There are pros and cons to a backpack or a suitcase but to me I think it will be easier packing wise to have a suitcase, especially as we are always moving around. I know you can get backpacks that work like a suitcase in the way they open but I am pretty happy with the suitcase I have and don’t want to go out and buy a backpack when I can instead use that money as spending money :slight_smile:


Hey guys!

I can’t wait for Istanbul, it should be amazing, my grandma went there last year and loved it.

I am also bringing a suitcase, but then again I’m travelling for six months. I think it’s a matter of how much stuff you need and how far you’re going to be carrying it.


Really, Merredy, for 6 months?! Wow, where else are you going? Are you Topdecking all the way or going on your own before/after the tour?


Hey Myam! I’m actually near you at the moment, living in Revelstoke BC. I’ve been here for a month by myself living with a family friend, will be here for another two months (with a few days in Banff) before heading over for the Europe Tour. As I’ve said, I’m on the UK tour straight after the Europe one, then have a week in London by myself and three weeks in Holland with relatives.


Wow, that’s nice! Are you enjoying Canaa so far? Hope you’re coping well with the cold weather! Haha! Hopefully we’ll have warm&sunny in May/June! I want to swim in the Meditérannée!!


The weather’s not too bad, but I can’t believe I’m starting to think of 5 degrees as warm! I’m really enjoying going out walking when it’s snowing though, it’s so beautiful.

I can’t wait for the Mediterranean either! I want to see how different it is to the beaches we have in Australia, can’t wait to see the sun and the sand again (no matter how pretty the snow is).


Well 5 degrees is pretty warm, I’m glad you get to have such a good temperature! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you studying or working in Revelstoke? Or are you travelling? Where did you get to know your friend with whom you’re living?


My name’s Kathryn, I’m 29 from Geelong, Australia. Im also going to be heading on the mega european leaving 17th April. I’m travelling by myself and i cant wait to do the flotilla sailing and go to sarajevo and prague. I’ll also be staying at the clink the night before the tour leaves. I wish these 7 weeks would hurry up so we can get travelling. Soooo excited :slight_smile:


Yayyyyyy! Someone else to join the fun :slight_smile: I’m soooooo excited its unbelievable!! Im staying in the clink the night before aswell! I can’t wait for the sailing! X


Supposedly I’m working in Revelstoke, but the season’s been so quiet that a lot of places aren’t hiring anyone. So for the most part I’m taking a bit of a break from life, but am learning to ski a little and went to Banff for five days last week :slight_smile: The lady I’m living with is actually a friend of my grandmother’s, as my mum’s family lived in Canada for a number of years while my grandfather worked on the Mika Creek Dam.


Hey guys!
As the trip’s getting closer, wanted to see if I could get in contact with some of you guys so we can start to get to know each other. If anyone wants to add me on Facebook, I’m there as Merredy Jackson (and there aren’t that many of me). Just add a note to the friend request saying you’re coming on the trip so I know you’re not a total stranger :slight_smile:


Hey Guys!

My brother and I will be going on this trip too. We’ll arrive in London on 11th.


Hey casebash! Good to see someone else coming on the trip. :slight_smile:
Where are you and your brother from?