Mega european,16th june




Hey Jaya,[br][br]Currently my partner and I are looking into doing this tour - same dates as you. We are 23 (will be 24 on the trip) and are looking forward to it very much seeing as though we have waited until we finished our degrees to go![br][br]Sounds like it will be great fun. My biggest decisions were the whole TOPDECK vs CONTIKI debate, however by the various stories I’ve heard about the continual hangovers endured on Contiki, that was quickly niped in the bud! I mean, a few, fine, but not to the point where you are vomiting and sleeping half your trip! And the other big decision was whether we should do a shorter trip instead cos 49 days is a long time camping and being with the same people day in and day out for 2 months! Doesn’t really bother me, but it seemed to be a big point of discussion with everyone I mentioned my 49-day trip to! If we don’t go on this one, we will end up doing something like the SUMMER FUN AND SAILING tour probably. The sailing bit sounds too good to pass up on![br][br]I wanna know also, what the go is with entry fees to places, eg. heading up the Eiffel Tower, etc. Are all of those things an additional out-of-pocket expense, or are only some of them? Cos I doubt they’d all be covered by the price right? I wanna know what the average daily budget (for both attractions and just additional spending money) is that they recommend (if they even do).[br][br]I will be sure to let you know as soon as we book ;D[br][br]Take it easy and hope to see you there![br][br]Phoebe :slight_smile:


Hey Pheobe,[br][br]i have done both contiki and topdeck before, honestly both are just as good as eachother, but on topdeck like you said, its not such a massive party every night, you get some off. over 49 days that is something you need to have. i went travelling last year and the year before each for 80 days. i found that things like toilets and water will put you back moneywise more than entering churches and museums, but there are only so many of those you can see right…[br][br]the first 5 or so days are hard to get used to when your camping but i have to say ive had so much fun doing the camping thing i wouldnt have it any other way, and you get to know the people on your tour so much, you wish the time wouldnt end.[br]although you may have problem with some[br]i think also for the price of this trip it is very worth it…there is so much included in it…awesome. you will find the average amount you will need each day will be about 40-60 euros. this is mainly because of your drinking i guess, during the day you probably only need about 20 euros.[br]we do get to go sailing on this trip for 5 days in greece and my god it is fun…so awesome…a lot of the extra activities are quite expensive…for example, when i was in greece for 4 days i must have spent andout 100 euro a day, but them when i florence for example, i spent only 20, so it all works out in the end. just plan to have more than enough whatever trip you plan on going on.[br]the eiffle tower costs different amounts depending on what level you go to, the first level is 3-5 euros depending on the day you go and the second and third levels are 10 euro… it also deopends if you chose to climb it or get the lift. i have dont both and you should definately climb it. it is cheaper to climb, but bloody hard. topdeck wont give you a daily amount, it really depends on how much you want to do, i personally want to go nuts so i have planned for 60 euros a day. [br]just to warn you aswell, get a waterproof casing for your passport/wallet and all that because you cant leave anything in the buses and you definately cant leave it on shore and things…[br][br]if you like to know the cost of other particulars and things id be happy to tell you…[br][br]ferrari museum is about 12 euro, flamenco is about 10, dinners are about 10 if we go out, cruises on the albanian coast are about 40 for the whole day and free alcohol…swimming in the blue grotto i think was 15.[br][br]goodluck with it all, may see you on it ;D[br][br][br][br]take it easy, and if its easy, take it


Those 40-60 euros, does that include the optional activities? If not, isnt that quite a lot, considering that most food is included? Or am i missing some expenses here? [br][br]thanks :slight_smile:


THANKS JAYA![br][br]I thought I’d log on to tell you there has been a change of plans for us. We have decided against the Tour after all. Nothing wrong with the tour of course, its just us, we’ve decided we are just going to get a Eurail pass and head off on our own, because now there are a bunch of things that have come up, for example my best friend from college is getting married in July, etc.[br][br]We booked our one way flight (seeing as though we have working/ancesrty visas for the UK) to London 2 days ago for $AU1075 with BRITISH AIRWAYS (incl. taxes), which reminds me - anyone else reading this, great deal for peak season and is available for flights leaving from June 8-13 ONLY, so HURRY into STA! We’re stoked with that deal cos we thought we would be looking at about $AU1300+, its great to get that deal.[br][br]We will be setting off to Amseterdam first, then moving up to Denmark ,then Sweden, and down Norway back into Germany through Berlin (etc) Down through the Czech Rep (which unfortunately isn’t part of Eurail) to Prague (etc) and then back onto the Eurail route into Austria (Vienna, Salzburg, Hopfgarten, the Tyrol, etc) - if we have time, we will hit Switzerland - then back into Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, etc), then through Luxembourg & then onto Brussels before getting back to London.[br][br]If then, we still have time, we may head north to Scotland for a few days into the countryside. I really have no idea how long this will take but we have allowed ourselves around 8 weeks - give or take. Then we have to find a place to live before we start our teaching jobs on September 1st.[br][br]We figured that if we were going to spend that kind of money, we should so the countries a little more thoroughly so if we never got to back for some reason, we haven’t missed out on all that much. We are going to leave Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, etc, for individual trips to also do thoroughly, however I would love to do some kind of top deck tour before we leave Europe, now we are thinking a Oktoberfest one or a Greek Island-Hopping one or something like that. That would be GREAT FUN![br][br]What do you think about all of those things? I really hope we have made the right decision, I am really happy with these plans, I was happy with the last plans too… I think I was just totally overwhelmed with the amount of choices I had.[br][br]So anyway, goodluck with your travels and thank you so much for the fabulous advice.[br][br]Take care and have heaps of fun on the trip![br]Phoebe ;D[br][br]Phoebe :slight_smile:


hi ziesta,[br][br]Its not actually that much when you are there, it really depends on what you want to do and buy, example, activities in greece, visit the blue grotto, theme park in vienna, hire a scooter, hirea boat, drink, presents, all that sort of thing. top deck actually say 66 euro a day…i think you could be okay on about 40. i guess though, you dont want to have to hold back if you really want to do something, but then again there are those days where you will only spend about 10 euro, so i dont know, id say plan to have at least 40 euro a day, no less…[br][br]its a lot huh[br][br]take it easy, and if its easy, take it