Mega European 16 August


Hello![br][br]Just wondering who else is booked on the Mega European departing 16 August??? [br][br]It’s coming up fast![br][br]:slight_smile: [br][br][br][br]Mega European August 16[br][br]>>> When I grow up I want to be a tourist <<<


Hello![br]Yep, i’m booked on this tour too. Hi, how are you doing? It certainly is coming up fast, but thats a good thing as I’m really looking forward to it![br][br]Is anyone else booked on this tour or will it just be the 2 of us?[br]8-)[br][br]Jo[br]Mega European Tour[br]16th August 09


[br]Hi All,[br][br]We’re booked in for London to Athens, departing London on Aug 16th, and I think will be combined with the Mega European and a couple others on the way.[br][br]Only 1 month til we kick off![br][br]Also a couple of questions…[br][br]Is it possible to upgrade occasionally to a cabin vs the tents?[br][br]Is there much access to power to charge camera batteries?[br][br]Are there dress regulations at the Monte Carlo Casino (yes a very dumb girl question to ask?) ?[br][br]Where did people find the best place to do their laundry?[br][br]Anyone recommend a hostel in Athens for 1 night after the tour finishes?[br][br]? well can?t wait! And thanks in advance if anyone can answer the questions J[br][br]Cheers, Karls[br][br][br]Karla[br][br]London to Athens - August 2009


Hi guys,[br][br]Awesome to hear from some people who are going ;D[br][br]I’m good thanks Jo, it’s great to hear you are doing the whole trip as well, yay! Have you done anything like this before? Where abouts are you from?[br][br]Only a month away and I’m starting to get really excited especially as i know i’m not the only person going now haha! 3 more weeks of work and counting!![br][br]Karla look forward to meeting you too, who are you travelling with? Hopefully people that have already done the trip will be able to answer your qu’s…[br][br]:)[br] [br][br][br]Mega European August 16[br][br]>>> When I grow up I want to be a tourist <<<


Hello,[br]Nope I have never done anything like this before, but have always wanted to. I’m from London, well the outskirts. How about you? Are you staying at the hostel we depart from the night before? I’m thinking of booking a room as there is very limited public transport from where i am to London at that time on a sunday morning![br][br]Hi Karla[br]I didn’t know some of the tours were combined but it makes sense! You have a lot of good questions, none of which I know the answer to unfortunatley but hopefully someone will reply, the answers would be usefull![br][br]I look forward to meeting you both, not long now!!! ;D[br][br][br]Jo[br]Mega European Tour[br]16th August 09


Hi Karla,[br]I have jusr returned after doing the London to Rome portion of the Mega European and you guys are going to have a wicked time![br]To answer Karla’s questions:[br]- I dont think you will be able to upgrade in some places, but keep in mind that you stay in a hostel in Barcelona (great location and really nice), and permanent tents in Rome (which are basically like cabins anyway).[br]- I didnt have a problem charging camera batteries, the cook tent which goes with you everywhere has room for a few at a time to charge, the rooms at the hostel in Barcelona has power plugs.[br]- For Monaco i would reccommend dressing up just slightly, even if just to fit in with everyone else! Dont wear jandals/thongs/flip flops.[br]- Almost all camping grounds have laundry facilities, but the best one was Venice, so try hold out till then.[br]Feel free to ask me anything else. [br]


[br][br]Awesome, thanks to our Kiwi friend for those answers :)Very helpful![br][br]And Hi to Jo, Meg and other Camping buddies,[br][br]I’ll be travelling with my partner, Ryan. We’re from Newcastle, Australia and ariving in London a few days earlier and staying at the hostel where we head off from.[br][br]Just starting to think about what to pack… Still no additional people on our trip?[br][br][br]Karla[br][br]London to Athens - August 2009


Hi guys,[br]I was just wondering if anyone fancied meeting up the night before, ie the 15th Aug, for a few drinks somewhere? maybe in the hostel bar or a bar local to the hostel? Just an idea.[br][br]8-)[br][br]Jo[br]Mega European Tour[br]16th August 09


Hey![br][br]I start the Athens-London part of this tour on the 6th of September![br][br]Look forward to meeting you all then :)[br][br]-Lauren (Sydney)[br][br]Athens to London September 7 - October 1, 2009


Hello! Well it’s even coser now… i’m getting really excited!! Looking forward to getting over to some warm weather it’s been quite cold here.[br][br]Jo - I’m from NZ but I’ve been living in Melbourne the last few years. It’s a really good idea to meet up the night before but unfortunately I won’t be able to as I’m staying with my sister in London so i’m planning to just catch a cab to the hostel as not too expensive from where she is. Sorry…I hope someone else can meet up with you, i’ll be there ready to go on the Sunday morning though! [br][br]Hi Lauren - look forward to meeting you in Athens, it’s going to be a good trip :)[br][br]Hope the planning/packing etc is going well for everyone![br][br]:)[br][br]Mega European August 16[br][br]>>> When I grow up I want to be a tourist <<<


Hey guys,[br]No worries Meg, if anyone else fancies meeting up just say so and we shall have a few drinks.[br][br]Hi Lauren,[br]I look forward to seeing you Athens.[br][br]Not long to go now, time is flying by so fast![br]:)[br][br]Jo[br]Mega European Tour[br]16th August 09


Hi guys and girls, how you all doing?[br][br]Thought I better say hi before we all head off on our journey.[br][br]Really looking forward to it now, so much to do before hand with such little time![br][br]Anyway, I look forward to meeting you all, and Jo, I am staying in a hotel nearby on the 15th and so meeting for some drinks sounds like a great idea.[br][br]Matthew


Hi Matthew,[br]I know, the time is ticking away and there still seems to be so much to do! I was thinking about trying out the bar at the hostel we leave from, I should be in there the night before for a few. I shall post again a little nearer the time but it would be good to have a few drinks before we head off.[br][br]Not long now![br];D[br][br]Jo[br]Mega European Tour[br]16th August 09


Hi Jo,[br][br]Yeah that sounds like a plan…be good to know directions from my hotel, so a nice practice run.[br][br]Quick question, are people using a backpack as like a day bag for water, food, coat etc? I wasnt going to but now realise that it might be a good idea!


hi there! [br]im set to go on the entire trip. im from sydney but have been in the uk since may. [br]its good to know others are going to be travelling alone cause i was a bit worried about being a massive nigel.[br]im staying in the hostel the night before so count me in for the drinks![br]emma


Hi Emma, good to hear from you.[br]I was a bit worried about being alone on the trip too. It is reassuring to know others are in the same boat![br][br]Looking forward to meeting you all![br][br]Matthew


hi to all of you!! [br][br]Great to hear that so many of you are joining this trip as i do! Feel so excited and can’t wait for the day we can meet. I’m from Malaysia and have been here at Uk since May last year. This is my first trip traveling alone to the Europe, really looking forward to this trip.[br][br]Just a few silly questions to ask, hope some one could answer my question. Thanks in advance![br][br]1. Do we have to provide any documents on the day we report to the trip? As i have onli the itinerary and the booking reference number with me. We depart at the hostel in London but where should we reporting to?[br][br]2. Is our last meeting place at london Generator Hostel? I’m not so sure about this…wondering if i need to book a post trip accomodation at the hostel? [br][br]Getting excited yet so nervous about the trip… ha ha ha…not gonna be long now…[br][br]cheers[br]Shawn


Hi Shawn, good to hear from you.[br][br]This is my first trip alone…ever I guess. Im from the south of England, near Brighton and really looking forward to it now. I am a bit nervous too, but certainly looking forward to the experience![br][br]In response to your questions:[br][br]1.) You need to have your insurance details and your passport (I know it sounds obvious, but people do forget!) and the iternary would be useful for your own peace of mind too. The coach departs from the hostel and so I would only assume that it is where we report too as well[br]2.) We finish back where we start, but times are not set in stone - I have heard that 9pm is a rough guideline to work to, so perhaps post-travel accomodation might be worthwhile[br][br]Hope this helps, look forward to meeting you[br][br]Matthew


Hi all![br]I dont know about anyone else but i am taking a day sack/ bag just to carry the everyday stuff in.[br][br]I’m glad there’s a few more people up for drinks on the night before, it’ll give us a chance to just say hi and compare notes! lol.[br]8-)[br][br]Jo[br]Mega European Tour[br]16th August 09


Hi to all[br][br]Awesome to hear from others on the trip. I am joining for the Rome to London section on the 30th Aug. Its coming up really fast and the excitement finally kicked in.[br][br]I look forward to meeting you all in Rome.[br][br]Mike[br][br]