Mega European, 15th August


Hey everyone,

My first trip to Europe, and solo, it’s about time… Can not wait! Anyone else coming on this adventure? I’ll be staying at Clink a couple nights before leaving, so hopefully meet up with some of you there :slight_smile:




Bump… surely i’m not the only one going?!


ive had the same prob, no one seems to be goin with me either! lol
im meant to be goin on august 10th, so staying at clink on the 9th. when will u be there? how long is ur europe tour? maybe we both have the dates wrong! :slight_smile:


Hi James

Rest assured there are people booked on your trip! Remember that some people don’t join the forum and are not yet fans on Facebook! If you aren’t you should join up as that is another great place to meet people on your trip (

You have a solid group doing the whole trip but also remember that with your trip there are 6 different sectors of the main trip: London to Rome, London to Athens, London to Istanbul, Rome to London, Athens to London, Istanbul to London. You’d probably find people on these legs of the trip who may have gotten in touch!

Have a fantastic time!

Topdeck Team


Me and my travel buddy Ben are on this tour. We’re leaving Darwin tomorow and are spending 2 weeks chilling around england before the tour starts. See you there!


Hi! My sister and I are on this tour… can’t wait!! We’re from melbourne and staying at the Clink a couple of nights beforehand also :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

All going well I will be joining you for the full 49 days, I can’t wait!

See you at Calais! :wink:


Hi everyone,

Looking forward to joining you on the tour, so excited!!!see you sunday.