Mega European 12th June 2018


Hey Topdeckers,

Looking for anyone booked on the Mega European leaving 12th June 2018. I’m a solo traveler leaving from Brisbane so can’t wait to see who else is on the trip :slight_smile:



Hi Mackenzie

I have also booked this trip. I’m a solo traveler from Christchurch. It’s nice to hear from someone on the same trip!



Hey Maddi,

So good to start to see a few people booking. How old are you? First big trip?


I’m 22, how about you? Yea first big trip and first trip travelling alone, pretty daunting but the tour looks amazing! I can’t wait!


I am looking to book the european mega but don’t see any dates for 2018?



There should be an option to select 2017 or 2018 near the top of the page if it doesn’t default to that


Hey Mackenzie,

I’m looking at booking this tour next week as a nice little birthday gift to myself. There is a high chance I will also be travelling solo from Hobart, which is a tad scary as I’m extremely paranoid I will get lost in the airports haha. Do you know what day you’ll be flying in to London, would be nice to be able to meet up with someone in London if you’re interested! :smile:





I’m going a two week tour of the UK beforehand so will be flying over around the 21st of May.
I’ll be back in London on the 9th for those few days before the Mega on the 12th we should definitely meet up for a day of exploring London :smile:


I don’t see any 2018 dates either! Am I missing something?


Did you try the link above? It should take you direct to the page with 2018 dates


Yes :frowning: All I see for some reason are the 2017 dates! It’s so weird.


There should be a yellow box on the “overview” tab just under where it says “49 days London to London” where you can pick 2018 or 2017. Then it will refresh and show the other dates


Hi Mackenzie,

I am from Wellington ~ NZ and will be booking for this trip this weekend!

Awesome to see other solo travelers will be on this trip too!!

Exciting times!



Facebook group for anyone booked on this trip


Hi. Booked the same tour. Traveling solo


:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:. See u in London


Whoop whoop i just booked the last spot on this trip :grin: I’m from South Africa…also travelling solo so I’m glad to see there are some others of you going alone too :grin: looking forward to meeting you all! Starting the trip in Paris though :blush:


Hi I’m Emily! I’m traveling solo from Melbourne. I’m so excited!