Mega European 12th June 2012



I’ve just booked the Mega European for the 12th of June 2012. I’ll be traveling by myself, just wondering if anyone is doing this tour aswell? :slight_smile:

So excited!!


Hey Monika,

Me and a friend are booked on this trip! I can’t wait to head off.

12th of June can’t come fast enough :slight_smile:


Oh that’s great! Im traveling solo so its great to hear other people are booked in aswell :slight_smile: Are you and your friend flying straight to London?
The Tour looks amazing I’m counting down the days lol :slight_smile:


We’re flying out of Sydney on the 7th straight to London and are staying at the Clink for the 4 days before the tour.

Where are you flying out of and are you going to be in London before the tour?


Oh Cool! I’m Flying out of Sydney on the 10th and I’m also staying at the Clink for two nights.


Sweet. If you want to meet up in London beforehand just let me know.

So where are you situated? I’m in Newcastle and my friend who is coming with me lives in Canberra.

Also jump on facebook and join the topdeck group for our tour :slight_smile:


I’m from Sydney Northern Beaches area, Good to hear you guys will be at the Clink too.
I’ve finally found the facebook tour page aswell now :slight_smile:


Anyone else who is on this trip should jump onto the Topdeck facebook page and find the facebook group for this tour and leave a message ;D


Hi I will be travelling on my own as well and arrive in London on the 9th June, can’t wait it sounds so amazing.