Mega european 11th July 2017


hey all! I’m Jay, 23 from Sydney Australia, I booked my trip a while ago and I’m super excited! I’ll be travelling solo hence - why i booked a topdeck tour! To meet all you awesome peeps from all over the world! :slight_smile: I cant waitt! p.s. I booked with Etihad airways because they seemed to have sales going, keep a look out guys!! xo


Hey Jay :slight_smile:i have booked this trip also for this date! I did a topdeck tour last year, so far I know of 2 others girls going - add me on Facebook if you like and we have a little chat going :slight_smile:


Hey I’m Liz! 26 from Wagga Australia. I am booking this trip on Wednesday. I am traveling solo and it will be my first time to Europe. I’m so excited and looking forward to getting away :slight_smile:. Feel free to add me on Facebook guys and maybe we can start a convo or better yet a Facebook page :slight_smile:


Hi ladies!! I am super glad i got replies! hahaa! <3 soo excited!!


Hey Guys . Im Jan From South Africa, we are also joining on this trip, but only doing 15 days classic Europe.


Hey everyone, Tom from UK here - little later to the party but I’m booked on this since the beginning now too. Very excited!
I’ll add everyone I can find on facebook :slight_smile: