Mega european 11th july 2010


Hi All,[br][br]I have booked in the mega trip 11/07/10 with the 3 days a clink London before departure. Anybody else booked this date in???


Hey I’m Jackie and I’m definitely booking this tour too but still deciding on leaving the 11th or 18th. Depends on when grad school starts in September. Are you going alone?[br][br]Life’s too short to be scared.


HI Jackie,[br][br]yes i will be taking the trip by myself. I had some mates that were talking about joining me although i think a trip like this is better done alone. Do what you want when you want without the hassles. Cant wait, my first Euro trip. woo hoo. all up i will be traveling for 3 months. Europe, UK then Oktoberfest in Germany.;D[br]


Hey… I’m booked on the 11th July Mega European. I can’t wait! Haven’t been getting anything done because all I’ve been doing is researching every single place I’m visiting! I want to see it all, but I supose I can always return to the places that I really enjoy! Just want it to be July now though!!
Abbey :smiley:


Hey Abbey,

It’s good to hear from someone else that is taking this tour. Coming from the UK have you done any travel through Europe before? I will be spending about a month in the UK after the Mega trip so you will have to fill me in on all the must sees whilst I’m there. Bring on July, at the rate this year is going we will be there in no time.

Chat soon…Mat


Hey Mat,
Nope, I’ve done next to no travelling before, which makes it even more exciting! I’ve literally been to Spain and Ireland, and that’s it! :stuck_out_tongue: If I’m honest, I haven’t really travelled much in the UK either! Is that with an organised tour, or just exploring by yourself? Depending on what sort of thing you like, there are some really picturesque spots but the cities are great too. Places like York, the Cotswolds, Cornwall is lovely and apparently the lake district is beautiful. There is heaps to do in London and all the major cities :slight_smile:
It would be interesting to know where everybody comes from who is going on the tour, hopefully more people will join the thread closer to the time.
Speak soon, abbey


Hey Abbey,

Well you must be stoked about this trip seeing as you have done very little travel!! I have done quite a bit of travel mainly in Australia and a couple of small overseas trips. First big trip on my own though. Travel thru the UK is mainly unplanned and i will just do as i please. I do have extended family in Scotland that i will be catching up with. I would like to see as much as i can in the couple of months that i am there. Was looking at hiring a motorbike and head for the hills. And of course i want to visit as many pubs and clubs as possible too : ;D. Im sweating a little waiting for this trip to become a guaranteed departure, I keep checking daily. Hopefully we will start hearing from more people on this tour and we will be sweat.

Chat soon Mat


Heya Mat,
Yep I’m seriously excited!! Wow… hiring a motorbike sounds awesome! B-)
I know, I keep checking too! Most of the other dates before and after ours seem to be guaranteed! hmm, I’m sure it’ll work out fine :slight_smile: I’ve booked to stay at the clink the night before we leave, as looking at the other threads, it seems like that’s the place where it’s all hapnin!!
Yeh, hopefully more people will join the thread :slight_smile: fingers crossed…


woo hoo the trip is now guaranteed!!! ;d


RESULT!!! :smiley: brilliant news :slight_smile:


Hi Guys - Thought I would jump in on this thread - I am doing the London-Athens part of this tour, wish I could do longer but funds won’t allow! I’m 23 and from NZ, so, so so excited about this trip!!!


Hey everyone!! Couldnt find this topic so started a new one - silly me!!
Oh well!!
only 13 weeks until the tour kids! ;D

Counting down!!!


I CAN NOT WAIT!!! B-) Guna be so much fun! ;D
Want it to be July NOW!! :slight_smile:


me too!!! so wish I could do the full tour . . . but this will be a good ‘taster’. Is anyone else travelling by themselves?


Hey Hey good to hear from more people on the tour. Hi Laura, yes i am making the tour by myself. It must be the trend now. I look at my calender every day at work now and am counting down the days. Can’t wait. Is anyone else staying at Clink before the tour??

chat soon


That’s cool! I’ve never traveled by myself before and was scared I was the only one! Yep, I am staying at Clink, but just for the night before the tour - staying with friends for a few days in London prior to that!
I can’t believe how soon it is!!!


Hey All,

73 days and counting. How good is this trip going to be :wink: Really starting to get excited now.


I KNOW!!! i’m literally checking the days off on my calandar! Just can’t wait to meet everyone and get going! Wish i could pack right now! ;D


Hey Im travelling on my own too!! I live in London :slight_smile:

See you all soon!!


Yep can’t wait to meet the gang. Keep counting the days…57!!!