Mega European - 1 August



I will be traveling by myself on this trip - my first trip overseas by myself. Would love to know of anyone else who will be on the same bus :slight_smile:

Beforehand I will be staying at the Clink -just the one day -I hope this is enough time to get over Jet Lag! and will probably just have a walk/tube ride around the city to check out the sights, Parliament, Big Ben, the palace etc… and get a feel for the city.

On the return I am going to Stonehenge the day after we get back, on a tour that lets you walk right up to the stones. Will maybe stay at the Clink again -I haven’t quite decided yet. Will then have about 3 weeks to wander around the UK, again by myself. Haven’t planned too much of this yet but am interested in seeing Edinburgh, Isle of Skye and Southern Ireland… In all I will be away for 3 months total (& will be broke on my return! ;D )

If anyone is interested in catching up before the trip and wandering around London with me let me know.


hey Emma :slight_smile:

My twin sister and I will be on this tour! Its getting close now, so excited!

We are going to be staying at the clink for 3 nights beforehand and 3 nights after the tour. We could definitely meet up in the day that you are staying there?

After the tour we plan on making our way around England and then heading up to Scotland to hopefully find work, as we both have 2 year working visas. However, if we have enough money we plan on doing a roadtrip around Ireland before finding work :slight_smile:

Look forward to meeting you!

Jas and Rochelle



Edinburgh is a must! Id be happy to help you guys pick some of the UK top spots! On your wander round London fit in Camden Market, Covent Garden, London Eye & Soho if you have time.

See you very soon!
Jen :slight_smile: