Mega Euro/Rome-Lon/Athens-Lon July/aug


Hi all. apoligies if this topic already exists but I couldnt find it. Im fairly sure that all of these trips[br]Mega European departing 6th July[br]Rome to London departing 20th July[br]and Athens to Lond departing 28th July[br][br]all join up. Im 23 Male from NZ, and im jumping on the bus at athens after making my own way down to greece. Hope everyone has some drinking left in them by the time im on the bus. Would be interested in who’s on the bus, where their from etc[br]look forward to hearing from you all[br][br]Joey


yeah c… im not on any of these tours… i just had to reply… because it seems… u have taken the name of one very famous, and the best ever footy player that has lived… and u r a kiwi… i am a little bemused by this!;D not saying kiwis cannot appreciate the talent and just pure class of such a legend! nehoo… sorry to get ur hopes up in thinkn it wld be sum1 who was goin on ur tour! hope u have an awesome time tho! Im sooo excited bout my tour! its startn to sink in that im actually doing this![br]okies take care!


Well a massive fan of the real joeyjohns, i recieved the nickname in college due to my complete lack of sporting ability. I beleive its suppossed to be ironic.


LOL!! thats funny… sorry… how was i spose to know u have very limited sporting talent/ability! hehe… im sure u have some other talents/skills? well here’s hoping… otherwise…?? hehe :wink: [br][br]