Mega euro may


Hey is there anyone doing the mega 49 day camping tour on the 16th of may, im just travelling alone from australia and wondering if anyone is in the same predicament. Also wondering how much spending money, food and optional activity money would you need? if some one has been on this tour and rougly knows![br][br]Thanks


hi, im also from oz. i have booked this trip on 16th may travelling solo. i dont really know how much to money to bring? i guess theres always a credit card or eftpos machine in europe. :slight_smile:


Hey guys i’m going on this tour too! Haven’t booked yet though, but will this week! So pumped ;D[br][br]I’m from Canberra, travelling alone and it is my first time overseas.[br][br]What are you guys plans before and after the tour? Also where will you be staying prior?[br][br]It says every where to budget about $100 AUD a day so that’s what I shall be doing so it’s all save save save right now.[br][br]I currently spend most of my spare time at home researching the places I want to see over there and sadly reading travel forums such as this one, all in an effort to save. Really. It’s verging on pathetic now. I just can’t wait for this trip![br][br]Sarah[br][br][br][br]


hey sarah, gud to see a fellow oz to be on ths trip. im booked on this trp. sms me 0429 430 766,so excited!!!


hey thanks guys, yeh im staying at the clink hostel before and after my trip and got some relatives i want to visite should be good cant wait. Yeh its hard judging though i just dont want to have to take to much or to less i spose,yeh that 100 dollars a day is prob the best way to go. Im from victoria near melbourne, bit scary traveling alone when i havent been overseas be4 but all part of the experience.[br][br]tiahna


hey! will be on the last 27 days of that trip. originally had the whole trip booked but then changed to do northern europe first.[br][br]so will see you guys in athens![br][br]Europe Unplugged *July 2008[br]Alps & Matadors (Part of Pioneer) *June 2009[br]Northern Exposure Club (Part of Red Star) May 16th-June 6th 2010[br]Athens to London Camping June 7th-July 3rd 2010


Hey Aussies,[br][br]I think I’ll be staying at Clink Hostel 2 days pre/post accomodation, havent booked yet but im still deciding is i should stay longer or not in LONDON??? Other than that Im soooo soooo excited. [br][br]What about flights??? Did you find a cheap airfair?? When are you guys departing Canberra/Melboure???


Man everyone seems to be staying at Clink, I was planning on staying at the Generator - I’ve heard it’s awesome but I haven’t booked anything yet so I’ll see, it would definitely be easier to stay at Clink before hand.[br][br]As for flights, I haven’t booked them yet either! I’m so unorganised! I got a quote for Korean Airlines for just under $2000 with a stop over in Seoul and 12 month travel period, gets to London on 14 may so thats ok, was hoping to get a bit cheaper though but I’ll see what happens, I can’t wait too much longer! How about you guys?[br][br]Here’s my travel plan after the tour in a nut shell, planning on staying until Jan/Feb 2011, whether I have the funds for such venture is another thing entirely:[br][br]Pamplona for Running of the Bulls (which starts pretty much a day or two after the tour ends)[br]return to London, hopefully get a job[br]work[br]La Tomatina[br]work[br]Oktoberfest[br]work[br]my 21st some where fun[br]work[br]New Years some where fun[br]fly home, possibly staying in Soeul for a week on the way[br][br]anyone elses plan look similar??[br][br]anyways friends I’ve been blabbing too much feel free to add me on facey:[br][br];D


Hey sarah, heres a link where you could get and compare prices There are lots of cheap flights even under 2g. You just have to look around. Are you definitely staying at the generator on a package?


Hey im staying at clink about 3 days be4 the trip and 2 days after. i booked my flights mine were over 2 grand but im flying malaysian airlines and stopping over there. after the trip im in london and devon over the week then going home. but hopefully will get over again, or canada the following year. You can add me on face book just look up my name tiahna roissetter i think im the only one in the world with that name lol. [br][br]cheers


cheers steve, i saw my travel agent today though and got a pretty good flight quote so i’ll probably go with that! I don’t know if I am staying at the generator yet-i’ll probably just stay at clink, would be easier.[br][br]tiahna your plan sounds good! it’s pretty handy that you have rellies over there.[br][br]i totally put a deposit on my flights, travel insurance and tour today! woo


Hey all, I will also be on this tour!

Traveling solo, maybe even as the token American! I’m staying at the clink the night before, so feel free to message me about that.

With respect to money, I was told $50USD per day would be more than ample since $75 is generally the average for backpacking, and our trip includes transport, lodging, and food. Depends on how much you drink :slight_smile:

I’m also doing the Red Star tour after this one (scandanavia and Russia) in case anyone is also doing that one.


gday Matthew
yeah your plans sound good I’m allowing about $100 AUD but our dollars basically cut in half in most European countries. yeah I’m staying at the clink 3 days prior just finished booking everything today, so pumped see you there!


i wander how full our trip is yet?! hopefully its getting there!

anyone else coming with?


Getting more excittttted!!!

PS, just a fun fact:
I havent really been watching aussie exchange rates, but you should check them out regularly. Ive been buying up euros already because the USD is kicking the Euros ass recently (about 11% decline in the last 3 months).


yeh i no not long now, well when i booked about 3 weeks ago there was 17 spots so id say it be neally full by now. yeh our AUD Dollar is only worth about 55cents over in europe.


not long now, starting to get excited so who else is planning on doing this trip. any one have any idea wot to pack, i got a back pack without the wheels and dont thing its going to be good for me, does any one if we ever have to carry around our stuff on the trip or is it left on the bottom of the bus. im assuming it is.


hey guys

to add to the group of aussies on this tour me and my bf are also traveling on the 16th of may.
havent booked pre accom yet as havent decided where to stay?
getting so excited! we are leaving on the 13th of may. we are from melbourne well 30 min from the inner city.

cannot wait ;D


btw im also not sure what to pack! and am pretty sure we just have day packs during the day the bulk is left on the bus!
im so excited the good thing to our aud is at 68 euro yay!
we are also looking at staying till about november!
we will prob be going to oktoberfest and looking at possible work over there depending on our situation!


69 days guys! i have an application on my iphone counting down to it haha.

what airline are you guys flying on? i’m flying korean and also leaving on 13 may.

lol i hope we dont have to lugg all our shit around as i have a wheelie suitcase!

erinlee- every body seems to be staying at clink prior. i havent decided yet either but i think it will be easiest to stay there as the tour leaves from there. really can’t get any easier!

i’m also planning on a bit of oktoberfest action :slight_smile: