Mega Euro leaving 26/05/06


I know there are people coming on this tour other than me!!![br]Please write to me!!!


Gee…its getting really lonely here in this big forum all by myself! [br]Please write to me! [br]If you are on the Mega European tour leaving on the 26th of May 2006, I’d love to know![br]One of my school friends and I are coming together and are both turing 21 while we are there, how exciting![br]Look forward to hearing from someone…ANYONE!


Hi[br][br]I think the London to Athens tour is part of the Mega European Tour. We depart on the 26th May too but finish in Athens![br][br]So you are not the only one![br][br]Where are you from? [br][br]My boyfriend and I are from Sydney, Australia. We are both really excited not long to go.


Hi![br]I’m not too sure which tour it is that you are doing, but it would be really exciting if you are coming with us![br]Let me know more details!!![br]Kate


Hi[br][br]We are doing the London to Athens Top Deck Camping leaving 26/05/06 I had a look at the brochure and I think its the same one as what you are doing except we finish in Athens and the people doing the mega euro keep going?[br][br]Hope that it is the same tour as I havent heard from anyone going on ours yet![br][br]I found a online diary of someone that has been on the trip so i will email you the link to have a look at it :-)[br][br]Thats cool that you are turning 21 on the trip, will have to have a big celebration that night! My bf and I are both 23.[br][br][br][br][br]


would be good to see the online diary from our trip.


hi, I am doing the mega euro in July and noticed that someone here found a link to a diary from the tour and i am just wonderinf whether you can post it on here or send it to me at[br][br]Cheers and hope you all have great trip!


Hi[br][br]Sorry for taking ages to post this weblink, hope you can view it ok. I forgot to ask - Where in Australia are you from?[br][br][br][br]Kylie.


I’m a melbourne boy, but I am living in Wales atm. Thanks for the link, looked great would love to see a diary for the rest of the trip though (athens back to london)[br][br]Cheers


Hi[br][br]Me and my boyfriend are also going on the Mega European leaving 26th May 2006. We depart Sydney, Australia to London 20th May, we would love to hear from others going on this tour or those who have done it previously. So excited, we cant wait!


Hi Kate,[br][br]Its good to hear more people are going on our tour! My bf and I are from Sydney too, but we are leaving on the 3rd May to do a bit of our own travel before hand. We will be on the first part of the Mega Euro finishing in Athens.[br][br]The online diary that I posted from another girls trip is good to give you an idea of what its like but it doesnt have the rest of your tour it stops in Athens.[br][br]Where in Syd are you guys from?[br][br]Kylie


Hi Kylie,[br][br]Where are you guys travelling round beforehand? We are travelling after, working and holidaying in the UK for 8 months.[br][br]Thanks for the online diary, will check it out as this is the first trip like this we have done and it will be good to have an idea of what we are in for he he! [br][br]We are from the Central Coast, about an hours drive north from Sydney, where abouts in Syd you guys? [br][br]Before and after the tour, we have booked into the Globetrotter Hostel, are you guys staying there? It would be good to meet before we set off on our big adventure![br][br]Kate


Hi[br][br]We start off in Japan for a week (my friend is teaching english there) and then off to Belgium, Netherlands and Germany for two weeks before the tour, then when we get back from the tour we are going on the edinburgh mini break and then a few more days in London before heading to the USA for a week on the way home. So pretty full on but really looking forward to it. Its our first time to Europe too.[br][br]We would definately be keen to meet up before the tour, We are looking at booking at the globetrotter as well.[br][br]I have been up to the central coast quite a bit - love the beaches!, we live in south sydney (Penshurst).[br]


oooh Japan, nice! That should be interesting![br][br]Your trip before does sound full on! From what i have seen in the diary link you sent, there is alot of partyin happening on tour so we are taking it easy the first few days![br][br]Yeah the Globetrotter sounds pretty reasonable, they have private rooms with a private ensuite which is what i liked due to us been a couple and the share accom is same sex. They were booking out pretty quick for the dates so you should book soon.[br][br]I can’t wait till we do the Belgium part off the tour hey, i’m a choco-holic! its going to be so unreal![br][br]I have been to the USA, its awseme, you guys will have a ball what parts you visiting?[br][br]What is your email addy? Ours is or if you have msn messenger, search by my email so we can chat![br][br]Yeah, i work for Central Coast Tourism and everyone says the same, the beaches are definately the drawcard! What can i say, its a hard life he he he! [br][br]Kate[br]


[br]We are heading to New York, LA and Las Vegas on our USA trip, so excited for Vegas it looks unreal! My email addy is[br][br]We are paying for a lot of things next week so will book the hostel in London then :slight_smile: We arrive back in London on the evening of the 24th May so will have to meet up sometime between then and our tour.[br][br]Will let you know if we were able to book at the globetrotter inn.[br][br]