Mega Euro! 12 July-29 Aug



Just looking to make contact with any1 booked on the mega european trip leaving 12 July …
Roll on europe summer, 7 weeks to go

Chelz and Jamie, NZ



ill be doing the same trip :slight_smile: are you staying at Clink78 the night before?
so excited!!



Hi Jess,
Havent booked it yt bt yea id say we will be ! So looking forward 2 it a, we’re running wit the bulls for the week before so will need a couple of nights rest i imagine before heading off on this massive adventure !!


Thats awesome, ill be solo on topdeck,
before hand im in Poland for the Heineken open’er festival, Pamplona running with the bulls and then Amsterdam before starting tour… hope i survive!
looking forward to it, hope you guys book it :slight_smile:


I’ll be at the Clink on the 11th, going on the Spirit of Europe the next day. Would love to meet and talk about it with you!


Far out Jess that sounds like an awesome trip !! have booked accom @ Clink 4 the night before and the night after the tour. So will c u thr :slight_smile:

Sounds good zane ! we will catch up wit u thr also


Hi guys, just got home from booking this trip!! Massivley excited, beforehand I’m spending a month in Holland with family, and then I’m joining this trip in Paris. The only thing I’m wondering is that if any other people my age are going?? I’m 20 :slight_smile:


Hey Sophie, Im 23 and Jamie is 25 , dont worry bout ur age tho ! its just a number :slight_smile:


hey sophie im 22… you doing it solo? getting excited!


Ooh I’m coming too, I can’t wait! I’m 20 as well, I’m in Italy at the moment but I’m from Australia.


Hi guys,
I’m coming along on this trip too! Super excited! I’m 22 and from Brisbane. I haven’t booked anything for the night before yet but I will probably be staying at Clink78. I’m travelling solo, so looking forward to meeting you all!


Even i am planning to book this trip… I ll b traveling alone… M excited as well as confused… Never been on a trip alone… ll it be fun…?