Med meets East - 12/10


Heya,[br][br]Anyone else on this tour?? I cant wait 71 days to go haha :stuck_out_tongue: Woot! [br][br]Em ;D


yeah my mate and i (both male,18,australian)have been working all year and are travelling all over europe after the tour, heading back home on the 15th of jan 09. i recon it will be tops, cant wait!! hopefully it’ll be warm enough to swim though!!!will it be warm enough to swim???[br]would love to hear from anyone with any tips for this tour, and anyone else on this tour[br][br]cheers


Heya, finally someone has replied!! :slight_smile: Yeah its going to be great and its just around the corner woot! Yeah I am travelling by myself. Hopefully the weather will be good for us :smiley: