quick question, how much money per day would people put aside for meals/snacks on a tour? what do most people do?


i have no idea but i would love to know to as im going on tour soon


Most of the people I’ve talked to on here said to €30 for food each day but it really depends on what places you are going to/how many meals topdeck count in your food fund.


depends on a lot… where you are, how much you eat, how many meals are included each day etc etc… if you avoid buying snacks and meals at service stops on bus days you will save a stack, those places are a rip off… when you see a supermarket, stock up on snacks… as an example, I bought a 2 pack of milka chocolate (big blocks) it was like $7eu at a service stop in austria… i bought the same thing in a supermarket in austria for $2.20eu… but then it’s also nice to blow a bit on some things to “say you’ve done it”… ie. sitting street side at a Coffee Shop in Paris ($8eu for a coffee)…