Max age allowed?


IÂ’ve been banished from Contiki at age 38Â…would Topdeck welcome me?




Double check with Topdeck but I’m positive they absolutely will ;D The term ‘for 18 to 30-somethings’ as far as I know means literally that. Me and my partner are going on the European Pioneer on June 3rd - I’m 23 and he’s 37 B-) We maybe could have gotten into a Contiki tour since how I’m much younger, but we figured if they wouldn’t accept him normally then we’d like to take our money somewhere else:) From what I’ve heard from people Topdeck has a better atmosphere anyway. Go for it.



As far as I’m aware yes. When i went to topdeck at a travel expo recently, there was a lady in front asking about her sister who would be turning 40 during the tour - and the guy said that she would still be allowed to come. It is 18 to 30 somethings not 18-35 like contiki so you should be right.


I think it depends on the tour and the person you speak to on the phone, I have heard of people being able to go & I’ve also heard people being to old to go at age (37,38 etc)…

If Top Deck won’t let you on their tour there is a company called Kumuka Worldwide the age range is 18 to 55, but they tend to get the late 20’s, 20,s & early 40’s that are not intrested in the top deck/contiki style tours.


Thanks to everyone for the quick replies…it sounds like I have a chance. I had found a Contiki Australian tour I fell in love with and they told me I couldn’t go…I was so bummed out. I had never heard of Topdeck but happened upon the site and found out they had an almost identical tour!

Cheers mates! (Does that sound dumb coming from an American?)



The last Top Deck tour I was on had a couple in their 50s. It’s all about the attitude on tour. If you can show that you’ve done similar things in the past, you usually don’t have an issue.

Stacey :wink:


Hi Shauna

Our trips are for 18-39yr olds. If you are 38 then there should be no problem getting you on a trip!

Hope to have you on a trip with us soon! :slight_smile:

Topdeck Admin