March-April Europe - What weather can I expect? / What clothes to bring?



I’m a first time traveller and will be doing a tour to Europe from mid-March to mid-April. I’ll be visiting; England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Netherlands, Slovakia and Hungary. What kind of weather can I expect to see and what clothes should I bring?


Hi MoonWolf,

there are very different kinds of weather in the Country that you mentioned.

You can consider the following average temperatures (March,April) if you want to know what clothes should you bring:

England (max 11 min 14, max 14 min 6)
France (max 11 min 4, max 14 min 6),
Italy (max 13 min 5, max 17 min 8),
Germany (max 8 min -1 , max 14 min 4),
Switzerland (max 11 min 3, max 16 min 6),
Poland (max 6 min -3, max 12 min 3) ,
Austria (max 10 min 0, max 14 min 5),
Netherlands (max 11 min 2, max 14 min 5),
Slovakia (max 9 min 2, max 17 min 7)
Hungary (max 12 min 3, max 19 min 9)

A last suggest for you: it’s likely that when you visit north Italy (Milan for example) it’ll rain: you can read this article with different tips regarding to what to do in this case!

And enjoy your trip! :wink:


Thank you very much for the help! I really appreciate it. That will help us heaps with planning for our trip.