March 2016 - Pure Adrenalin, Southern Explorer, Kiwi Encounter or Grand Kiwi - Leaving Christchurch March 17


Hey! Pure Adrenalin, Kiwi Encounter, Southern Explorer or Grand Kiwi - 17 March 2016 leaving Christchurch, who’s in for any of these trips? I’m doing the Southern Explorer section and I am a solo traveller!


Hi There! Im doing the grand kiwi departing Christchurch on the 17th march :slight_smile: traveling solo too, i heard there is about 30 people booked on the tour!


How funny! Are there no direct flights to Christchurch from Hobart? I really want to do a skydive or canyon swing i just need to find some balls! I’ve always wanted to see Milford Sounds so im pretty stoaked about going there!