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Hey guys,[br][br]I was just wondering about the days we have free to explore places, does our tour guide provide a map of the city/list of things to do? Or is it recommended that we bring our own maps/lists to make sure we can make our way around?[br][br]Any feedback would be great![br][br]Bonnie[br]European Odyssey October 31st 2009


Hi Bonnie,[br][br]Before you arrive in each major country/city, the tour guide gives you an information sheet that has specific information about each place, which has a very basic map on it, showing the major sights. [br][br]The sheet also has information on currency, safety, shopping, food etc and it also lists all of the major sights with opening times, prices, location etc[br][br]The map isn’t very useful but we would ask at the hotel desks and most places had better maps that you could use. [br][br]The information regarding sights and things was great and really helped you plan out your free days.[br][br]They also give you a get lost sheet, which lists your hotels (not sure you are doing hotels??) and how to get back to your hotel on public transport.[br][br]Your tour guide will be very helpful and won’t leave you to get lost while you are there.[br][br]I would have a basic idea of what you REALLY want to do in each country but no need to worry about maps until you get there![br][br]I hope that was helpful![br][br]Raina[br][br]Discover Europe - been there done it - July 9th 2009


Thanks Raina, that’s really helpful, I have a bit of an idea about what I want to see but it’d be good to have that extra info.[br][br]Thanks again :slight_smile:


Hi Bonnie,[br][br]My pleasure! I am glad that was helpful. I hope that you have a fantastic trip! I am still talking about mine and am definately suffering post holiday blues and starting to think about my next holiday!![br][br]This is a great tour company so you will have a ball![br][br]Take care,[br][br]Raina


Has anyone bought, in advance the unlimited card for attractions. In each country-except in London the museums are ver expensive. Has anyone bought these cards?[br][br]B;)