Maples and Monuments August 2018


Hi guys,

Me and my bf are booked for the August tour starting in Toronto. Anyone else booked? We get into Toronto the night before and will be in NY for a week after. We added this onto our already planned America trip and then realised they have a “single sex” policy in the hostels. Its our first hostel stay and Iv been told most of the time the tour guide will allow couples to stay together but does anyone know if that is correct?


Hey, I did this trip last year and on my tour all the couples had to seperate into the single sex rooms, none of them shared a room at all. All the rooms were at least 6 beds, none with only 2. Just thought I’d let you know is you didn’t get your hopes up too much incase its always like that.


Hi Anna,

Ahhh you did book it :slight_smile: I shall see you there… I have also booked NY for a week after :slight_smile: :slight_smile: So excited!!! Looking forward to meeting you both


Hay Danielle, only a few more weeks so exciting! Will see you there :blush: