Manhattan to Miami 30th December


Hi Everyone,

I’ve just booked this trip, will be heading to New York a few days before the trip. I’m travelling from Sydney solo.



Hey Scott, I’m on this trip as well!! i’m traveling from Adelaide solo. i am also doing the southwest tour before this then heading to NYC for Christmas then to start this tour


Hey Amy, nice to meet you :blush: sounds like you’ve got an amazing trip planned! Will this be your first time in America?


Hey Scott, I went to America with my family years ago but this will be my first time there solo :smiley: this will be my first time to new York (massive bucket list item) have you been before?


That’s so cool! I love America, New York is my favourite place of all time, you’ll love it! I have travelled to America a few years ago as well


Hi, Guys

 Nice to know about your trips.