Manhattan to Miami - 09 Sep 2018


Hi guys!

I’ve just booked a Manhattan to Miami trip starting 09 Sep 2018!

Just wondering what everyone elses experiences with this trip were? I’ll still be 19 in Sep, so i’m concerned i’ll 100% be the youngest?! Did everybody party pretty hard on this trip? Was it a bad idea to go so young?

I’ll also be in New York a few days prior if anybody else is going early, i’d love to meet you!


Hi! I’ve just booked this tour too! I’m doing the Maples to Monuments tour first which arrives in New York the day before this one starts and staying the the Hostel that night :grin: where abouts are you from?


Hi Hannah!!

Sounds like you’re on a big adventure, how exciting.

I am staying in the hostel where the tour starts also!

I am from Tasmania Australia.

Are you planning on doing anything in New York the day before? Maybe we will cross paths :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, pretty exciting - just starting to plan everything out now :grin:

I haven’t planned anything as of yet but was just looking at the arrival time from my first tour and meet up of ours and looks like our tour meets up in the evening so will have a full day before it starts. Do you have anything you’re keen to do? Happy to meet up at the hostel :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t really planned anything in stone yet, but it would be nice I have a buddy for the day. Maybe we can connect on FB closer to the date and meet up. I would really enjoy that! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah that sounds good :grin: we can both have a think about what we’d like to do on that day and chat closer to the time :+1:t2:


Hi guys!

I’ll also be doing the same trip as you on the same you guys and I’m also from Tassie!

I’ll be in NYC a couple days prior with my friend Rachel (we’re doing high line park and Book of Mormon along with a whole bunch of other stuff), look forward to travelling with you guys!


Hey peeps!
My friend Jordan and I have also booked for these dates!
Both of us have resided in Tassie too (Jordan still there, I’m now in Melbs)!
We arrive in NY on the evening of the 7th Sept. :grin:
So happy we have a few names of the people we’ll be with already!
Both of us are 21 (I’ll be 22 on the 8th Sept) :+1:t2:


How exciting !! Such a small world. 3 tassie girls on one trip.

Can’t wait to meet you all!


That’s so cool :grin: We should all meet up before the tour starts, have dinner and drinks or something?! Can’t wait for this trip!!


Sounds like a plan :smile::smile:


I’d definitely be keen for dinner pre-tour!


Jordan and I would be keen for dinner perhaps on the 8th prior to us seeing The Book of Mormon? There is a pizza/pasta restaurant next to the theatre (Eugene O’Neill - restaurant is Serafina Time Hotel)?


Sounds perfect!! Italian is my favourite. Closer to the date we could all communicate via FB? I’m sure I’ll be so lost in NYC by myself :joy:


Mmmm Italian! Sounds great. My previous tour arrives in New York on the 8th at about 5.30pm I think, what time does your show start? I’ll be pretty lost too haha! Sounds good re Facebook :slightly_smiling_face: