Malacca Trail - Starting 22 Jan 2017


Anyone else going on this tour? Looking forward to it!


Yes I will be :slight_smile: Cant wait!


Hi guys, I’ve been looking at this trip a lot over the past few days and am thinking of booking in the next day or two. Have you been in contact with others on the tour yet? I will be a 27yr old solo traveller from Sydney, and was wondering if there are others that are a similar age to me :slightly_smiling_face:


You should definitely book!


I’m 22, from Brisbane, Australia and also I amTravelling by myself I’m so glad that I now know I’m not the only one that won’t know anyone before hand.


Hi Alison and John,
After a very long process I have finally just completed my booking, just waiting for confirmation. So I guess I will be seeing you both next Sunday :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay it’s almost here! I don’t fly into Bangkok until late the night before, so I will be seeing you the day of. May even try to meet up in the morning