hello everyone

I’m going on the European pathway tour this fall and have a question. I know the size of luggage but is it best to bring a backpack or an actual suitcase. I have a nice size backpack but not sure what’s better… Staying in hostels starting in London. What are your thoughts? Also staying at the wombats hostels, stupid question as I have never stayed in a hostel, Should I bring a sleeping back or a sheet or something.

Thanks ;D


Hi Liz
I’m taking a suit case and a school back pack. Also going on European Pathway and staying Wombats :slight_smile:
I’m not bringing anything for sleeping. Our tour doesn’t need it and we will already have sheets and crap at the hostel.
What date does your tour start?


Hi Rebecca
Thanks for the info…wasn’t sure if we needed sheets for wombats or the bungalows…few less packing lol

Still undecided about luggage…I prob will bring my big back pack…I was just worried as I can’t lock it …ppl keep telling me stories lol, but I’m sure it will be safe

I’m going September 23 And staying in wombats the night before and after we return…
What about u