Hi there, just wondering if someone who has recently travelled with Topdeck could shed some light on luggage allowance.[br][br]I’ve heard they weigh & measure your bag before its allowed on the coach. Their measurements for luggage is 70 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm & my bag is 72 cm x 50 cm x 26 cm.[br][br]Does anyone know how strict they are on their measurements??[br][br]Thanks


I can only say from my own experience with them, they didn’t weigh or measure anyones bags when we went. Although our coach driver did say they are much stricter with the camping and other trips where they actually have to fit tents and or cooking equipment into the coach as well. Ours was a hotel tour.:sunglasses:


I think they may be more strict with the weight then size wise. As long as it’s not too much difference (in size). [br]The coaches are suppose to have weight limit. Keep in mind, I guess they also allow for the souvenirs etc that are collected along the way.


nope - 20kg no matter what!![br][br]you will be told to leave stuff behind if it goes over 20kg but u can have ur day pack on board so u might be able to have another bag on board as well :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Oz Girl thats the same measurements as my bag- seems to be the standard size for large trolley suitcases. I doubt they would be too strict over a few centimeters. (Well I hope not!) :slight_smile:


Thats great, thanks for the tips! I’ll need to keep my weight to around 20kgs anyways for the flight home so was just more concerned with the measurements.[br][br]Doing a hotel tour so they fingers crossed they aren’t as strict.


What about EuroClub tours? Anyone has any idea?


I think with Euroclub tours they still have to carry a cooking tent and all the cooking equipment, so I would say they would probably be a bit less lenient with the baggage limit.


Hey, I am having exactly the same problem. My luggage is about 3-4cms bigger each way. And I just bought it all too. Problem is, I’m travelling for around 8 months, so I can’t have anything smaller. I called Topdeck and asked and the lady said it probably wouldn’t matter. I’m going to Egypt though, and I imagine their buses would be pretty strict… :S I really don’t want to get Egypt and told I have to leave my luggage behind!!! I’m also doing a EuroClub tour later, so hopefully it will turn out good.[br][br]Also, it says in the pre-departure info that there is to be no externally framed packs… What does that mean?! I have a standard suitcase with wheels and a handle that pulls up. I hope that’s okay…[br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


Hey…[br]I have done Ultimate Egypt with Topdeck, it was a while back (2 yrs ago) but i doubt much would have changed…!! The luggage restrictions weren’t really looked on at all. They seem pretty lenient, I think as long as they can get all the bags either under the bus or strategically piled on top of it, all is ok ahaha. I had a large suitcase and i didn’t even think to measure it before we left and everything was fine. If anything I would just make sure the weight is not over. [br]You’ll love Egypt… it is absolutely breath-taking but it also opens your eyes to a totally different world. Egyptian people are so awesome![br][br]With Europe I would imagine they are more strict with weight but not so pedantic with size. I have to take a suitcase on my tour + a medium backpack as I am staying overseas for many months afterwards too and i pretty much need my entire wardrobe haha so it should be interesting come packing time!!! [br][br]J.[br][br]:)[br]


I’m going on the Russia/scandi tour and i was planning on just taking my standard hiking pack (75L) but it exceeds the dimensions too, its around 74x37x35. then again it’s not perfectly rectangular either, so it probably takes about the same amount of luggage as a suitcase. However all the straps stick out too. [br]I dont know what to do! i really really dont want to buy new luggage but I’m leaving in only a week![br]Maybe I’ll ring topdeck…[br]Sarah


Hey everyone,[br]I just got back from a EuroClub winter tour. My suitcase was about the biggest on the bus, but it wasn’t all that heavy. It was probably 2cms bigger in all dimensions than what they recommend. A lot of people who had smaller packs/suitcases had them packed full and they were pretty heavy. I think the weight is more important than the size, as this affects the workings of the bus more than just an awkward sized bag. They never even made a comment about anyone’s luggage on my tour, and there was definitely no weighing or measuring. We stayed in hotels/hostels the entire trip, so didn’t have any camping gear with us. I think you’d have to have a mammoth sized bag for them to make you leave it behind!


Hi all[br][br]Just wondering what people are taking for daypacks?[br][br]I am taking my hiking pack as standard luggage. [br]I would like to take a small over the shoulder bag (seems the safest) for touring during the day & also like to take my small backpack for the bus to fit a jacket, books, ipod etc as all this wouldnt fit in my handbag & i mite not need it during the day…[br][br]hope this makes sense & someone can give me some ideas of what is the easiest & safest…?[br][br]Thanks[br]Mel:)


I’m just taking a small backpack that clips to my actual backpack :slight_smile: I’m putting a lock onto it as I will be carrying my video camera in it, so I’m not too worried :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hi Mel_Jade. I have hand luggage that’s kind of like a really huge vanity bag. It clips on to my actual luggage (one of those roller suitcases that have the handle that pops up) and they match! (I have issues… Everything has to match! LOL!) So that would be my on board luggage, but I’m planning on having a good sized handbag to take off the bus when we are touring around. I hope they’ll allow that…[br][br]Pharaoh’s Footsteps: Oct 18th, 2008.[br]Winter European Getaway: Nov 25th, 2008.


Hey Allison[br]I hope you didn’t pay a fortune for your luggage. I’m only saying this because I know the damage that airlines can do to your luggage.[br]I didn’t have expensive luggage, but the only time anything happened to it and that was after 3months of travel and me not too gentle on it was the airline damaged it when I arrived back home.[br]I actually sell a few of these kinda suitcases/sets at the shop i work at and discourage people from getting them if there travelling overseas.[br]I just don’t think its worth the upset of spending that much money to have it damaged. But, of course its up to you in the end ;D


I am taking a rolling duffel bag, because after my experience with backpacks, i know that top-loaders are a big nuisance when you arents staying in one place for very long. I know some places that sell rolling duffels with backpack straps. They aren’t terribly comfortable if you’re walking long distances but just to go up a flight of stairs it’s pretty convenient. Most pieces of luggage will not exactly meet their dimensions, but I think that as long as the weight is ok, it shouldn’t be a huge problem. I know Europe has weight restrictions for coaches and that’s why they limit you to 20kgs. I’m going to bring a big day-pack so i can have a little extra space.


i have been stressing about the same thing - luggage size and most of all the weight of my luggage… 20kgs is peanuts if you are planning on living overseas after the tour… [br][br]i bought a large suitcase (72 x 50 x 26) to try and squeeze everything in to it incl the sleeping bag we have to bring on Euroclub tours and i also bought a small over the shoulder bag for during the day… [br][br]does anyone know the weight rstrictions for international flights >>> please dont tell me its 20kgs…


Weight restrictions fom NZ are 20kg checked luggage and 7kg onboard unless one of your flights goes through North America / Canada then it becomes 2 bags checked luggage @ 23kg each and one onboard @ 7kg, I’m sure Australia would be the same.[br]Bummer for me I didn’t find out until after I paid for my ticket as I have to carry dive gear as well. :frowning:


I’m not sure but i think your sleeping bag is “extra” weight (not included in your 20kg) for the tours, but i think that for flights with weight restrictions, it will be included. Frusturating cuz my flight from the UK to athens has a 20 kg weight restriction, but not my flight from canada to the UK…maybe i can wear my sleeping bag as a dress from london to athens?? that would be interesting