Hey guys, I am in a bit of a bind. I am about to leave on my trip and decided to measure the dimensions of my suitcase. Turns out one dimension is too big, the other two are okay though. The height and length are fine, it is just the width. Do I have to find a new bag? How strict are they? Can anyone help?!?![br][br]Freaking out in CA,[br]Krista


Hey Krista,[br][br]From what I’ve been told, they’re more concerned about the weight of your luggage than its dimensions. As long as you are under 20kg, and your width isn’t WAY over what’s allowed, I think you should be fine.[br][br]Can anyone else support this though? I don’t want my opinion to be the only one you get!!


Yeah, I wouldn’t stress too much about bag size. I just did a topdeck trip and there were people with huge suitcases and they didn’t seem to care…


I still cant decide whether to take a suitcase of just a backpack… i think i’d rather take a suitcase but people ive talked to say a backpack is easier?


I’m taking a backpack. It will also free both your hands!


Hi again![br]I think it is a personal preference thing - on our trip, I took a suitcase and my boyfriend took a pack, and they were both fine. If you haven’t bought luggage yet I would go with one of those packs that also has wheels and a handle for dragging it, Kathmandu do a really good one. [br]Another piece of advice - make sure your luggage isn’t too full, you have to pack up every second day, and you get sick of having to “precision pack” if you can only just fit stuff in. Plus you will buy more stuff.