I found a great bag that has slightly difference dimensions then whats recommended/required. Topdeck says you need dimensions of 70 cm X50 cm X 25 cm. I found a bag that has dimensions of 68 cm X 38 cm X 35 cm. How strict are the luggage guidelines? Would I be allowed to bring this bag?


one of my mates went on a European getaway tour last year and they werent strict at all on the baggage - As it wasn’t a guaranteed departure and it wasn’t a full bus. Thus giving more baggage room in the undercroft of the Bus. Depending if its high season for whatever tour you are doing you should get something smaller to be safe.


I went on a hotel tour last year (in July) and our bags weren’t measured or weighed at any point on the trip. As long as it looks like a regular sized suitcase (as in not enormous), you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


I am thinking of going on the Bravo Italia tour and was considering taking two small bags - either of which could fit as carry on for a domestic flight. They both have wheels and one is soft and can fit (and be secured) on top of the other one (which is more like a small suitcase). Both side by side would be smaller than the allowable dimensions.

Does any one know if this would be allowed? Or have any thoughts if this would be a good idea?


Hi guys,

Just to let you know…each person is allowed 1 item of standard size luggage plus a day pack (and sleeping bag if on EuroClub or EuroCamping trip). The maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lbs/20kgs. Size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm. Due to strict weight regulations for coaches in Europe, passengers whose luggage exceeds 44lbs/20kgs will be asked to off load the excess on the departure morning.

Danielle - A bag with 68 cm X 38 cm X 35 cm will be fine. It’s relatively within our specified luggage dimensions - just be sure it doesn’t exceed 20 kilos.

Katie - unfortunately you’re only allowed to bring ONE item of standard size luggage plus a day pack (to carry during the day and on board the coach) with you. We recommend this as it can become quite difficult lugging multiple bags around while you’re travelling and also due to the strict room/weight restrictions on coaches in Europe.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Topdeck Team!


Hi Topdeck,
I just measured my bag. The length and width is roughly the same as your specifications but the height is about 44cm. It’s a soft suitcase/sportsbag with wheels. As long as it’s not over 20kgs will this be ok?


I have done a quick measure of my suitcase, but it measured 76 x 48 x 27. It is a few cm out of the listed luggage limit of 70 x 45 x 25. Does this matter and I would be able to use this bag or would I have to look at finding a new bag to bring?


Hey guys,

As long as your bag is within a few centimeters of these dimensions you will be fine - just make sure its under 20 kilos. If the trip is full and there are lots of bags, we will weigh bags before departure to make sure we don’t go over the legal limit for coach weight in Europe. So if you’re pushing 20 kilograms, it’s probably better to offload some luggage before you travel, just in case!

Topdeck Team


Can I a small duffel bag instead of a day pack to keep on the bus?


Im doing the 8 day Croatian Island Sailing trip, what kind of bags are we allowed? Are we still able to bring a suitcase that weighs 20kgs or would a dufel bag or similar be better?
Thank you


I’m doing a Croatia sailing trip also and I am planning on taking just a soft smallish bag and leaving my suitcase at the luggage storage at the clink hostel. Apparently the rooms on the boats are quite small so lugging a heavy bag probably wouldn’t be ideal.



I am doing a Europe Wonder tour, and my luggage is 62cm(H) x 33cm (W) x 41cm (L), will that be ok?


Hi Danielle,

Was just wondering if you successfully ended up taking your suitcase on your Topdeck tour? My suitcase measures 72cm x 51cm x 23cm…




Hi Jackie,

Just wondering if you managed to successfully take your luggage on your Topdeck tour? My suitcase measures 72cm x 51cm x 23cm.




hi top deck I have a suitcase that is is just below 70cm in height,48cm in width and 26cm in depth…will this be fine?


Hey guys, I used this bag during my 49 Mega European

I also talk about pros and cons of different bags.

Hope this helps you guys!


Travelpro Luggage Maxlite
2 20" Expandable Spinner has special grooved handle tubes provide extra strength and handle stability when supporting totes… I will be buying at least one more piece of Travelpro luggage


Tumi Voyageur Super Leger International Carry On Bag is the best brand of carry on luggage
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hi top deck I have a suitcase that is is just below 70cm in height,48cm in width and 26cm in depth…will this be fine?


I want to buy one carry on luggage bag for me to carry along with me on a one week tour.I want such a bag who has two front pockets, telescoping handle and also must have a overhead bin.