Hello! I have a suitcase that empty weighs 10 pounds. I have been told that this is lightweight. But its already a big chunk of my weight capacity not taking into account my clothes and shoes. I will be under the 20 kg at the beggining but not sure about the end. just how strict are they on the weight. Is the luggage weighed daily, or just at the beggining. I’m panicking. Please help


Hey, i’m pretty sure they don’t check the weight unless its obviously too heavy… i think they go by dimensions instead… i think theres some info about it on the website :slight_smile:


From what I’ve read, they weigh bags on the first day of the tour and your bag MUST be under 20kg but the dimensions don’t matter so much unless it’s way over the limit. I don’t think they weigh bags during the tour, so as long as you’re under at the start then you’ll be fine.

10lbs is lightweight, I bought the lightest suitcase I could find and it’s 8.5lbs when empty :slight_smile:


They weigh them at the beginning of the trip usually. It just depends where they start from. If it is a trip that starts from London, then usually they have a scale. If it is from elsewhere then it will depend on scale availability. They dont weigh them over the course of the trip because they take into account the bags will obviously get heavier because people are buying stuff along the way.