Luggage type?


Hey everyone,

I need some advice its only just over 2 weeks until i travel to oz and I’m not sure what type of luggage to take suitcase/holdall? All advice welcomed.

Many thanks

x :slight_smile: x


Hi Emma,

I did an Oz tour last year & took a suitcase with me.

I found it easier because you you dont have to walk very far with it - the bus parks right outside your accommodation & most places had a lift (although in some places the lifts took a while to come…), the only place that didnt have a lift was Airlie Beach but the guys all carried our suitcases up those stairs for us anyway :). There were a few places where I cut through the grass with mine, but that was just lazyness of not wanting to take the path all the way around :wink:

I was glad I took a suitcase & think for somewhere like Australia a suitcase is fine, but when I go to Europe next year I will definately be taking a pack because I have heard its harder to get around with a suitcase.

I also took a day pack too, & I would suggest a decent sized overnight bag if you are doing a tour that includes Fraser Island & the Whitsundays. Mine was too small & ended up taking a couple of small ones which was a hassel, particularly on the boat (your main luggage stays on the bus on the mainland).

There is also a bit of room on the bus for day stuff too on the shelves above your seats.

Hope this helps

Have an awesome trip! Australia was awesome!