Luggage Size Restrictions


Hi Everyone,

The Topdeck website says the dimensions of the luggage should be 70cm x 45cm x 25cm.

After shopping today, I could only find luggage that was 67cm x 42cm x 26cm.

Now the 26cm dimension is greater than the prescribed 25cm limit. Will this be a problem?



No. They aren’t strict with luggage dimensions. They are however strict with the 20kg limit.


Few, I was really stressing about my suitcase (I’m travelling for >6 months and NOT backpacking) because its 70cm (not inc the wheels) x 48cm x 28cm… Its going to be SO tough to keep everything under 20kgs, as my flight allowances are like 25kgs and 32kgs! Trial pack FTW


Hi! I was reading the pre departure info and they mentioned NOT bringing external frame suitcases (samsonite hard case etc). I don’t want to have to buy another case, so I was wondering if I could get away with a hardcase??

Thanks :slight_smile:


With relation to external frame suitcases, it is more when the wheels and handles etc are housed on the outside of the case. Most modern suitcases have these on the inside of the dimensions so they don’t get caught on things.


I have recently come back from 2 trips (European Pioneer & Britain & Ireland) which were amazing.

I was so worried about the luggage restrictions as I was travelling for 2.5 months, but as long as you are under the 20kg limit you are fine. Heaps of people on my 2 trips had massive bags which I’m sure were probably over the limit…

They didnt weigh our bags at all, in fact by about half way through my first trip, many of us ended up having another suitcase each! We bought carry-on sized ones to keep all our excess stuff in (like shopping…) that didnt fit in our main bags. Those bags just stayed under the bus so we didnt have to lug them around at every stop. Guess it depends on who you have as a driver/leader & how strict they are on it, or how many people on the trip. I guess if the bus is full then there isnt really any more room for extra bags/weight.

So yea, I wouldnt stress too much about it :slight_smile: