Luggage restrictions


I was wondering if someone from top deck could help me or anyone else, the luggage restriction are 70cms x 50cms x 20cms or something like that, how strict is top deck with the dimensions, i have a bag which is 75cms?? would it be suitable??? probably a stupid question, but thought i would make sure.[br]Also with money, what is the best way to carry money, eg credit card, cash, travellers cheques, etc [br]if anyone could help me with this, it would be much appreciated[br][br]Marco


hey there[br][br]Im also taking a backpack with me… not sure of the size though (65 litre one). I dont think they are to strict with size, just weight of the bag.[br][br]For money im taking cash/ atm card/ and 2 credit cards (for emergency). Travellers cheques to hard!![br][br]Forgot to ask in the other post… are you going alone or with someone??[br][br]sally


Hi there,[br][br]The reason topdeck has luggage restrictions is because it is difficult to fit 49 suitcases and cook gear in the bin of the bus, this is especially so on a camping trip because the tents and lilos have to fit in as well. If everyone brings a sensible amount of luggage then their shouldn’t be a problem. Just remember that you have to lug the stuff around and also chances are you will be purchasing things as well. Back packs are ideal as they are easier to pack. All in all as long as you are sensible and don’t bring a giant suitcase there won’t be a problem.[br][br]Hope that helps,[br]Kim[br][br]Ciao Topdeckers!