Luggage Queries - Europe


Hi there,
I am about to embark next month on the Spirit of Europe trip which I am very excited about.
I will actually be relocating from NZ to UK permanently at the same time.

I have recently received my Topdeck docs which for the first time I saw the baggage size restrictions. This has me worried as I received a new hardcase bag as a leaving present which is 6cm larger in size than the dimensions state. I am moving permanently so coming over with a backpack wasn’t an option lol

I have contacted Topdeck who advised this shouldn’t be an issue if the weight is no more than 20kgs. Which is fine, I can manage that lol

What I am worried though that this bag which is a great brand and quality with 4 wheels could still be an issue over there due to cobblestones etc? I have travelled a lot and wanted a hardcase to keep my things safer than tossing around a softcase.

Can anyone assure me that this wont be too much of an issue especially its the bag if fairly light in weight? I am just getting worried about it.

Thanks for any advice someone can give me.


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