Luggage on a camping trip


Hey there! so i’m thinking of doing one of the European camping trips this summer but was wondering about luggage as I saw an old post from 2008 on here where topdeck said if you’re doing a camping trip you have to have a backpack, no suitcases. do you know if this rule has changed? i won’t be able to afford getting a new backpack and only have my suitcase! thanks :slight_smile:


No It’s a basic rule that if you’re doing a camping trip you must have a backpack. :slight_smile:


Hey I’m going on the Eastern Europe trip this summer and all it says about bags is the following:

‘We recommend soft bags, suitcases or frameless backpacks, plus a small day pack or carry bag. No external framed bags please, as they damage other bags on the coach. Please limit your luggage to a maximum of 20kg. Luggage must not exceed dimensions of 70cm in height, 45cm in width and 25cm in depth. Only one piece of luggage is allowed.
Please note that due to space and weight restrictions on our coaches, passengers with too much luggage on departure morning may be told that they cannot take their entire luggage with them. Luggage storage facilities are usually available at the departure point, if they are not available you will have to make your own arrangements to have it stored or shipped home. Any luggage left behind will be at your own risk and you will be required to pay any costs incurred.’

Hope this helps!!


We did a Europe camping trip last year (34 day European Adventure) and read/were told you must have a pack and no suitcase’s were allowed, so we went out and brought brand new Kathmandu packs, however when we arrived for the trip 60% of people had suitcases. We asked the trip leader what the deal was and were told the just recommend a pack as its easier to pull in and out of the tents, so if you dont have a pack i wouldn’t go out and buy one especially for the trip.

Hope that helps.