Luggage limit


Hello, I’ve booked the coast to coast tour (LA - NYC, 6th April – 25th April). I have done a quick measure of my suitcase. It’s measured 73 x 53 x 30 without wheels and 76 x 53 x 33 with wheels. It is a few cm out of the listed luggage limit 70 x 45 x 25. Is that OK? Thanks


Hi can anyone help? Administrators? Thanks


Hi rachel,

you might be better off contacting the topdeck team via email, the message option on facebook (someone is always answering on there) or twitter to ensure you get a reply quickly.

from what i can see on other tours, the departure info does state that they have strict bagagge guidelines but i dont think it will hurt to ask just to ensure its ok for your trip

Im heading to canada in sept so am trying to find a bag that will fit within the guidelines for my trip



Usually you can get away with it if it’s a cm or 2 out and they usually measure from the ground with wheels on, so based on your measurements I’d probably get something smaller to be on the safe side.