Luggage for euro-club european pioneer


I am just wondering if you are allowed a small suitcase for the european pioneer trips? I know they suggest a backpack, and do not allow external framed bags? Is a suitcase an external framed pack?

Also is anyone else going on the july 8 euro-pioneer tour? I will be on the tour with 3 friends!

Thanks, Sarah


Hi, I’m also going on this tour with my boyfriend. I’m pretty sure a small suitcase is fine. I think they refer to backpacks with all those metal bars hanging off it as the external framed bags.

There’s a Facebook group for this tour here:


I’m going on the 1 July pioneer trip and been wondering the same thing too! I figure if its within the size specs, a small suitcase would be fine… I hope… not really up for forking out the $$$ for a backpack.