Luggage Dimensions Query


Hi, looking at heading on the European pioneer (May 22nd) and have noted the luggage dimensions.

I’m a kiwi heading to Ireland for a semester abroad before I head on my topdeck tour in May. Accordingly, my suitcase dimensions happen to exceed the required dimensions as it is such a long term trip but I am hoping not to have to purchase a brand new bag on my arrival to London for the Topdeck tour. Have read on a number of forums that dimensions aren’t usually checked and as long as it’s under the 20kg it’s fine, it’s a full trip so if somebody could confirm or further advise that would be great!


Hi Sharkie

I did the European Pioneer this year and they’re aren’t strict on the dimensions or weight at all. My bag was 75cm tall and never had any issues with the height and dimensions. Majority of people had bags roughly the height of mine and there may have been one or two bigger than that. As long as it doesn’t exceed the height too drastically you’ll be fine. Just ensure the weight is under the 20kg and you’ll be fine.

Just remember you do have to lug it around for the entire trip and some of the hostel rooms are quite small so when you have 4 to 6 bags that are opened on the floor of a room they do take up a bit of space and you do lose the floor in the process. You will in some places have to carry it upstairs as some of the accommodation has no elevator so make sure you’re comfortable in carrying it around.

I know if I was to do a trip again I’d take a smaller suitcase or a backpack bag for ease of movement and to be able to walk up the fights of stairs in hostels/hotels and when in the streets.