Luggage - Backpack or Suitcase?


I am doing the Winter Wonder tour for 14 days staying in hotels. TopDeck recommends a backpack for luggage as well as a daypack but I would have thought a suitcase with wheels and a backpack for day travel would be more suited? I can’t wear two backpacks![br][br]Besides, my luggage will be in the hotel room or the bus for the majority of the time![br][br]Any thoughts?


Hi,[br][br]I’m doing the winter wonder as well and taking a backpack. The daypack clips onto the backpack so is just one big bag to carry. I was thinking about a suit case but have also been recommended it is easier to have a backpack when you are moving around and a lot of the accommodation places don’t have lifts so you have to carry it upstairs.


I did the 23 day Europe Uncovered Hotel tour in June and took a small suitcase for luggage and a backpack for the days. I would take a suitcase again if I did another tour. Most people had similar suitcases and a few had big backpacks. Your luggage is in the hotel room or the bus most of the time, you just need to carry it on and off the bus when leaving and arriving at hotels. Some of the hotels didn’t have lifts but with those ones it would only be be 1 or 2 floors you would have to carry it up anyway so as long as you stay below the 20kg you should be ok with carrying it. I’d definitely recommend having something with wheels.


Hey all,[br][br]l just came back from the spirit of europe tour, which runs for 24 days. l took a suitcase and from memory there were only a few times where l had to actually carry it. There was almost always a lift at the hostels, although you had to wait 5 or so minutes for it.[br][br]Often you have quite early starts so its great just to be able to chuck everything in your case and zip up and go.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]