Lots of partying in europe unplugged?


I’m thinking about taking the TopDeck camping Tour(europe unplugged) or a Contiki Tour this summer. [br]I’m a poor poor student so I wanna choose topdeck(cause it’s cheaper that contiki) if both are almost same. [br]how’s food and coach?[br]and What went on at night after sightseeing? Did the group party together? Did TopDeck organize any parties like Contiki does? [br]It’s really important to me, because I love party!!! yay! ;D[br]I would like to go on a tour where I can enjoy a cultural experience in Europe combined with some fun partying. I’m hoping TopDeck can provide that.[br][br] Any and all information is welcome. Thanks.


Hi there Natalie,[br][br]Saw your post and thought I would reply. Now regarding the food question, I am a bit biassed I guess as I am a cook for topdeck. I did two Europe Unplugged trips last season and they were my favourite trips, people get so close on camping trips and its like travelling with one big family, of course a trip is what you make of it. Some of the food you have to look forward to is Lasagne, lots of salads for lunches as well as hot lunches all including fruits, cheeses and deserts, burritos, soups and many other great things from your “on road chef”. If most cooks are like me, they try to provide good solid yummy food, normally known favourites that will suit everyone, I like to make stirfrys as well, and most of your dinners will be two - three courses, there will never be a lack of something you can eat![br][br]Now on to the most important thing…Partying!! Of course the amount and style of your parties depends on you and your group, but in my experience there is a lot on camping trips. In most of the campsites that we stay in there is a bar where everyone can go have a good time, and of course there’s the obvious party spot of Amsterdam and a few other places where you will want to party on in the town. Just to prep you, the first couple of days in Paris are normally low key for partying, probaby a quiet few in the bar downstairs as everyone gets to know each other, so don’t think its not going to happen, everything really rev’s up after that![br][br]Hope this has helped in your decision,[br][br]Kim[br][br]Ciao Topdeckers!