Looks like I'm the only one going on my tour


What happens if it’s a garanteed tour but they don’t get many people on the tour. Does it still happen. I haven’t heard if anyone else is going on my sept 5th European getaway


don’t stress too much. i’m going on a trip in august (27th european wonder) and i sent a post asking who else was going as i could find any active topics about my trip, no one has replied yet… but i’m not too worried as it is still a while away, and i’m sure not everyone is aware of this forum either. if they’re garenteed departures it must be because they know they going to get the numbers. ;D[br][br]European Wonder 27th Aug 09


Hi there, I went on Essential Europe last year and posted on here, no one responded and yet when I got on my tour it was full! If its guarenteed it will go no matter how many people are on it!! Just send a email to topdeck and they will tell you how many people are on there!


I believe it only reaches a state of “Guaranteed” once they have the minimum number of people required for the trip.[br][br]On my Egypt trip I was the only one on the tour who booked the trip directly through topdeck… everyone else used travel agents I believe. This means that none of the others even knew about the website, or this forum.


Thanks. I was really starting to worry. Just hoping I get to talk to atleast one person going on my trip so I atleast know one person as I’m travelling alone and I am fairly shy at first. :-[


I haven’t found anyone on my trip yet either or any discussions about it and mine leaves in 6 weeks! That’s a good point about the people who go through travel agents. I reckon I’ve saved so much by doing this on my own and I know exactly what I’m getting. And I’ve learned a bit from reom these forums.[br][br]Lloyd[br][br]Western Spirit 16 June


same here… and my trip is leaving next week! i am travelling with some friends… but thought it would be nice to meet a few people before getting on the bus… [br][br]European Emperor May 12 2009