Looking to book Discover Winter/general questions


Hi all
My partner and I (both 20y.o) are looking to book the Discover Winter tour for next October 2017 (when dates become available) and I’m curious if couples on TopDeck is a common thing? We were also looking at contiki trips but I was a little hesitant in the fact that there will most likely be a lot of singles and I didn’t want to be excluded as such. Also, I’m wondering about sleeping arrangements because I don’t fancy flying half way across the world only to be separated into male/female divided rooms - not to be rude though!
Last questions is regarding optional activities. I understand contiki is huge on optionals so much that they plan out your day if you so choose to, but I see TopDeck is a little less controlled… Would you say this is a good thing?
Sorry for the million questions but thanks in advance for your help!
Regards, Alex.


Hi, On the tour I did last year (Bravo Italia) we had 4 couples during the trip, each couple were in there own room. No exclusions.
In regards to Topdeck v Contiki and scheduling it will depend on what style you like. For me personally I like being able to do my own thing and not be told what to do 24/7.
Our tour almost everyone did all the optional activities and then when we had free time we would usually break off into groups and do the things we all commonly wanted to do.