Looking for travel mates to join Egypt tour in 2017


HI guys,
my name is Charlotte from Taiwan. Im very interested in doing a Egypt tour in 2017. If anyone has the same idea, please let me know =)


Hi Charlotte

I have booked for 14-29 April 2017.



Hello Charlotte

I have booked for the Egypt Express departing on the 7th of January 2017

I’m really excited about it! :slight_smile:


Hi Charlotte, I’m booked in to Pharaoh’s Escape July 2 2017 :slight_smile:


Mine goes through Egypt on the mega European starting June 13


Hey there! I am on the Nile Discovery 05-12 March 2017. Travelling solo.


Looking at doing the Pyramids & Beaches tour either April 8-22 or 15-29


Hi Charlotte!

My partner and I are doing the Pyramids and beaches in september or October 17 - just waiting on dates to be released.



I will be doing the egypt tour may 28th :grin:


Hey! I’ll be going on the one on May 6th :smile:


I would like to go…but can’t go until July due to work. I’m thinking Pyramids & Beaches. Anyone going on this one?


Hi Charlotte,

I’m Jay from Hong Kong. I may be considering an Egypt tour late 2017, away from the summer. I don’t know how safe is Egypt at this time? If you have suggestions, please let me know. Thanks


Hey I’m trying to plan to do the Egypt express tour in November. I’m also travelling solo


I’m also looking to travel in November 2017 as well. May be traveling solo may have someone with me not sure yet. I will be traveling on the tour that departs on the 19th anyone else planning for this date?


hey lovely! please let us know how you find the tour and the safety of the country itself! xx


Hi, I had a great time in egypt, the people are nice and the tour (egypt express) was a great way to see the country and learn about the ancient history. I felt safe on the tour, there are alot of security/bag checks before you can get into tourist areas like the pyramids, karnak, abu simbel etc. We never had any issues on tour that were cause of concern. My only issue was when i arrived in cairo before the tour started. Due to a delayed flight i missed the flight to cairo and had to get on the next flight arriving in cairo at 3am and missing my airport transfer due to the delay, catching a taxi alone at that time of the morning in a foreign country was the most uncomfortable experience I’ve had, id recommend arriving during the day sometime rather than at 3am like i did. But the tour made it all worth it! The egypt express tour includes sailing in a felucca and this was one of my highlights on the trip. If you have any more questions let me know! :slight_smile: I recommend you visit egpyt


thank you so much for your reply. ive been very hesitant to book to travel here with everything that is going on over there at the moment.


Yikes this makes me nervous ad I will also be traveling alone. Still sounds like you had a great time though!


I’m also planning to do a solo travel in November, probably around 19th. :slight_smile:


Awesome I’m confirmed for that date I’m looking forward to the trip :blush:. Have you traveled solo before?