Lonely Planet book?


Hi Guys,

Just wondering if previous travelers have found that they got sufficient information from the trip guide in regards to the city you were in, or if you recommend taking a Lonely Planet book/downloads?



I am going on a tour in May and I am hoping the trip leaders have a lot of advice. I don’t really like the lonely planet books. I www.tripadvisor.com.au is a lot better and you can get the smart phone apps and city guides for free.


I have the Lonely Planet London pocket book that I think is awesome and will be taking it with me when I go in September. You can get all the same information online for free but I just love having a physical book and it’s got a pull out map with attractions marked on it which I also like. :slight_smile:


I have purchased a few lonely planet ebooks for my iPad (which i plan on taking) and i really love them.