Hey I am spending 3 days before my tour in London. I am on my own so far and was just wondering where to go and how much money to expect to spend. I have heard its really expensive. I want to hit up all the big attractions, do some shopping and go out at night? I am staying at Globetrotter. Any suggestions…[br][br]Thanks, Jules


Hey Jules,[br][br]The attractions of London really depend on your interests… but in three days…[br][br]Shopping - Oxford Street/Regent Street/Soho/Covent Garden, Portobello Road (on the weekend), Camden Markets (on the weekend), and if you want something a little different the Greenwich Market & High Street is nice, but out of the way.[br][br]On a sunny day start at Big Ben and Westminster and walk down the Thames towards the London Eye, TATE, Gabriel’s Wharf, Globe Shakespeare Theatre, St Paul’s, Tower of London and Tower Bridge.[br][br]Hyde Park and Green Park are nice, with Buckingham Palace and the Dianna Memorial close. Its a short walk from here to Piccadilly Circus, National Gallery, the West End and Chinatown.[br][br]There are so many more attractions and things to see around London I could go on for ages, but you have the postcard attractions covered. One tip, don’t be afraid to walk! The distance between tube stations is shorter than you think![br][br]Nightlife? Where do I start? What do you want? Clubs, pubs, bars, live music? Stay in the Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden, Soho area and you can’t go wrong. Angel is a good bet on the weekend.[br][br]Cost? Drinking isn’t cheap, nor shopping, nor eating… breathing… you get the idea. A regular night out for me is ?50+ (not including Taxis - only take black cabs).[br][br]Damn! I should work for UK Tourism![br]Cheers[br]Jez


Jez your awesome! Where are you going to be April 20th? I should book you for a tour, just kidding! Thanks for all the info, that should definately keep me busy.[br][br]Jules[br]


Jules,[br][br]No problems, happy to help! The cost of a guided tour would be rather steep… it is London after all![br][br]Best of Luck.[br][br]J[br][br]jezza in london